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Biomedical Discovery Acceleration, with Applications to Craniofacial Development

Figure 4

Creating a link in the combined network.

This figure illustrates the creation of the link between MyoD1 and MyoG in the combined network. Nine experts are illustrated, including two language processing experts (blue), six experts based on inference from shared ontology annotations or database entries (orange), and one based on shared components from enriched ontology annotations (green). Each expert has a computed reliability (yellow), computed as described in the text. The identifiers in the expert boxes indicate the provenance of the inferences, with ellipses indicating omissions for space. The correlation between the expression levels of these two genes in the experimental data, Pdata, is shown in purple. The Noisy-OR computation of the reliability from all knowledge sources is shown as Pknowledge and the two functions that combine the knowledge and data networks are show as Paverage and Plogit. In this case, Paverage was over the threshold for inclusion (top 1000 edges) in the combined grant, but Plogit was not.

Figure 4