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Biomedical Discovery Acceleration, with Applications to Craniofacial Development

Figure 2

Visualisation of knowledge network via Cytoscape CommonAttributes plugin.

Screenshot illustrating the use of the CommonAtrributes plugin developed to aid exploration of the knowledge network within Cytoscape. Here the linkage between two genes, Des and Actc1 (yellow filled circles), is being explored. By right-clicking on the edge between these two genes, a drop down menu appears including the CommonAttributes2 label which points to the five experts (GO:BP, GO:CC, PHENO, KEGG and GO:MF) which support linking Des and Actc1. By selecting one of these experts, the attributes common to both genes from that expert are revealed. In this instance, it can be seen that Des and Actc1 share seven phenotypic traits when knocked out or perturbed in mouse models.

Figure 2