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Modeling Recursive RNA Interference

Figure 6

Improving performance of switch-off/switch-on experiments by unequal efficiency of targeting Dicer and Reporter.

In each graph the red curve shows reporter level when Dicer is targeted (switch-on state), and the blue curve shows reporter level when Dicer is not targeted (switch-off state). Results are plotted as a function of the efficacy with which the reporter is targeted by the siRNA (defined by parameter epsilon) relative to the efficacy with which Dicer is targeted. The first two graphs show results predicted for different values of overall RNAi efficacy parameter gamma. (A) gamma = 20. (B) gamma = 200. (C) shows results for gamma = 20 over an extended range of targeting efficacy epsilon, with values greater than 1 indicating that the reporter is targeted with higher efficiency than Dicer.

Figure 6