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Modeling Recursive RNA Interference

Figure 5

Transient behavior of recursive RNAi.

Restoration of reporter levels during recursive RNAi of Dicer determined by numerical simulation. (A) Time-course of restoration of reporter gene level plotted as a function of time following recursive RNAi of Dicer, for different values of the RNAi efficacy parameter gamma. Curves show that even at transient time-points before reaching steady state, restoration is always higher for lower values of gamma. (B) Time required to reach 50% (blue) or 90% (red) of final steady-state restoration value, plotted versus RNAi efficacy parameter. (C) Restoration in reporter seen during recursive RNAi of Dicer at a specific time-point t1/2 defined as the time required for the same reporter gene to be knocked down to half its final level of knockdown in the absence of recursive RNAi. This curve provides a measure of the degree of restoration achieved at a standardized transient time-point, confirming that increasing values of gamma give decreasing restoration, even in the transient case.

Figure 5