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Modeling Recursive RNA Interference

Figure 1

Diagram of recursive RNAi circuit.

RNAi takes place in two steps. Following input to the system of a double stranded RNA precursor (dsRNA), Dicer chops the dsRNA into small interfering RNA molecules (siRNA) which are then used by the RISC complex to direct cleavage of target messages. At the same time, genes encoding RNAi machinery as well as the reporter construct (in this case GFP) are transcribed into mRNA and then translated into protein (indicated by ovals in the diagram). RNAi repressed gene expression by providing an extra decay pathway for the targeted message, so that rather than being translated into protein the message was destroyed. In recursive RNAi, two dsRNA molecules are provided as input, one directed against the reporter gene and the other directed against a gene encoding part of the RNAi machinery itself. The measurable output of the system is the level of reporter protein (GFP).

Figure 1