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Emergent Synchronous Bursting of Oxytocin Neuronal Network

Figure 1

Structure of the Model Network.

(A)Schematic diagram of the organization of the oxytocin network; the yellow boxes represent dendritic bundles. (B) The (bipartite) adjacency matrix for a randomly generated network with 48 neurons and 12 bundles; the squares mark non-zero matrix elements. (C) Visualization of the network with blue circles for neurons and yellow squares for bundles. (D) The heterogeneity of connectivity in a randomly wired model of 12 bundles. The width of an edge between any two bundles represents the number of neurons having dendrites in both bundles. In this example, most bundles are ‘bridged’ by at most one neuron; a few others share two or three neurons. By means of such neurons, any increase of the spike activity of the neurons projecting to one bundle can affect the neurons in all the connected bundles, hence rapidly propagates through the network.

Figure 1