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Functional Maps of Protein Complexes from Quantitative Genetic Interaction Data

Figure 2

Global map of protein complexes involved in yeast chromosome biology.

Each node represents a predicted multimeric protein complex, while each link represents a significantly alleviating or aggravating bundle of genetic interactions between complexes, indicative of an inter-complex functional relationship. Node colors indicate enrichment for alleviating or aggravating genetic interactions among members of the same complex. Node sizes are proportional to the number of proteins in the complex. When known, nodes are labeled with the common name of the complex. For complexes that are newly identified by our study and thus unnamed, the constituent proteins are listed. For clarity, the co-chaperone prefoldin complex (PFD1, PAC10, YKE2, GIM3, GIM4, GIM5, BUD27) and the 25 links associated with it have been removed.

Figure 2