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Functional Maps of Protein Complexes from Quantitative Genetic Interaction Data

Figure 1

Combining physical and genetic interactions to define protein complexes.

Correspondence of the physical interaction score (A) and the genetic interaction score (B) with the known small-scale, manually annotated protein complexes in MIPS. To compute the enrichment over random (y-axis), one first computes the fraction f of interactions at each score x that fall inside a MIPS small-scale complex (bin size of 1.5). The enrichment is the ratio f/r, where r is the fraction of random protein pairs within MIPS complexes. (C) Proteins are grouped into physically interacting sets called modules (gray ovals; m1m6). Pairs of modules may be linked to indicate a functional relationship (dotted lines; b1b6). The assignment of proteins to modules along with the list of inter-module links comprises the state of the system.

Figure 1