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Plant Classification from Bat-Like Echolocation Signals

Figure 3

The results of generating hybrid sepctrograms of apple and corn.

Only (B) and (D) were artificially generated. Color bars are not presented, but the data are in the spectral power scale. (A) Average spectrogram of apple. (B) The decision echo multiplied by η = 0.07 added to the average spectrogram. (C) The average spectrogram of corn and apple. (D) Same as B, but with η = −0.07. (E) Average spectrogram of corn. (F) The decision echo calculated for this task used to create (B) and (D). Dark intensities depict negative values, while white depict positive ones. (G) Classification performance of echoes created from artificial hybridized spectrograms as a function of the η factor. To measure performance we divided the spectrograms of each species into 10 groups, each containing 50 spectrograms with a similar η. The units of η are relative, such that η = 1 corresponds to an artificial spectrogram that is as distant to the hyperplane as the most distant original spectrogram. The performance is measured in the percentages of echoes that were correctly classified according to the expected classification.

Figure 3