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Mutations of Different Molecular Origins Exhibit Contrasting Patterns of Regional Substitution Rate Variation

Figure 4

Sliding window analysis of the relationship between CpG substitution rate and normalized G+C content.

The same experiment as in Figure 3 with the G+C content of each window normalized with respect to GCglobal (removing global effect). (A) The distance-decaying effect of G+C content on the rate of CpG substitution persists even after removing the global effect. In case of GpC substitutions, there was no distance-decaying effect. (B) Results of the chi-square test for the independence of the rate of CpG substitution and the G+C content of the windows. The blue line indicates log10 (P-value) = −1.30. The distance-decaying effect subsided after ∼1,500 bps. (C) Results of the same experiment as in (B), but for GpC sites. There is no distance-decaying effect, as expected.

Figure 4