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(2) Suggestions from the models of “Theory of Universal Matrix”

Posted by Morelli on 12 Dec 2008 at 02:34 GMT

YOU Write: “In particular, the identification of optimal reaction activity provides rigorous ground for an intriguing knockout-based method recently proposed for the synthetic recovery of metabolic function.”

MATRIX Suggestion: “ The best method for the recovery of metabolic function will be at genetic level. Identifying genes’ functions and changing genes, from a health cell to the sick cell, or a Jovian cell to the senior cell. For doing that we need to understand what’s going on here. The models and world vision of Matrix’s Theory are very helpful.
When an organism needs the recovery of activity of any metabolic function? When it is very old or sick due hard environmental conditions/poor food resources. We can see at the model of the perfect closed system (the astronomical building block) at http://theuniversalmatrix... that an individual occupying the position of Function number 3 performs less metabolic functions than the same individual when at the position of Function number 4, or 6. As analogy, a human being 14 years old performs less internal brain functions than the same individual at 30 years old. It is because the environmental conditions and societal rules require more from an adult than from a teenager for surviving. But, there is a situation when the older performs less functions than the Jovian: when it is very old, like a grandfather ( sorry about the infantile ideas and analogies, it is due difficult with English language, I have no words for to express the best ideas that I can do in my native language. For instance, here I should say: when the individual is a senior one?). If we could to discuss the models personally, maybe we could to clear this idea about the method.