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Behavioural stochastic resonance: human vision

Posted by u0040224 on 10 Jun 2009 at 04:38 GMT

Readers interested in behavioural stochastic resonance may want to have a look at two recent papers investigating stochastic resonance in the early visual system (see below for the links). Both papers describe carefully designed behavioural measurements of contrast detection and discrimination in noise as well as a computational model that aims to explain effects of external noise on contrast processing in the early visual system. The theoretical framework of the model is rooted in signal-detection-theory and thus has several interesting links with some of the issues of debate described in this paper.

Robbe Goris

Goris, Zaenen & Wagemans (2008) - Some observations on contrast detection in noise.


Goris, Wagemans & Wichmann (2008) - Modelling contrast discrimination data suggest both the pedestal effect and stochastic resonance to be caused by the same mechanism.


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