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Publisher's Note: Corrections for the reference list

Posted by zlyhere on 02 Sep 2011 at 11:21 GMT

By making testable predictions, it motivates experimental directions which should hopefully lead to further insights and understanding.

There are some corrections for the reference list:
(1) Ref. 10, the year of publication should be 2009.
(2) Ref. 12, the page should be "11780-11786"
(3) Ref. 15, the page should be "410-422"
(4) Ref. 18, the page should be "3524-3534"
(5) Ref. 47, the entire item should be changed to

"Li Z (1995) Understanding ocular dominance development from binocular input statistics. In: Bower J, editor. The Neurobiology of Computation: The Proceedings of the Third Annual Computation and Neural Systems Conference. Monterey, California: Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 397–402."

(6) Ref. 49, the page should be "379-423 and 623-656"
(7) Ref. 60, the first author "Robinson B" should be "Robinson BL"
(8) Ref. 72, in the title, "v1" should be "V1"

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