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Very interesting! (But did you miss one?)

Posted by Camelia on 11 Nov 2008 at 09:15 GMT

This is a really useful review but you missed 2collab in your assessment of reference management services!? 2collab doesn't take any effort to enter or manage bibliographic data as it matches metadata real time as papers are bookmarked (based on DOI/URL/title where available). People can also share links with different groups (public or private), browse by subject, contact others, create their own profile, upload their complete publication history with their Scopus Author ID, view citation counts, and of course export bookmarks into various desktop ref management tools.

I don't want to plug the service too much here but perhaps others would have been interested in a comparison that included 2collab! Always happy to provide more info for your next review if you like? 

Camelia Csora,