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(3)Suggestions from the models of “Theory of Universal Matrix”

Posted by Morelli on 12 Dec 2008 at 23:35 GMT

First of all, YOU have my congratulations and any kind of support I can do for you, because your job give me great information which are very helpful for testing/understanding the Matrix models. So, thanks, thanks, thanks...

YOU write: “The reduced number appears to be constant across the microbial species studied and just slightly larger than the minimum number required for the organism to grow at all.”

MATRIX Suggestion: “ Why biological systems presents this non-ideal and non-logical natural process of more reduction of metabolic expressions than the optimal for growing and getting/keeping the thermo dynamical equilibrium? The following review of Matrix’s world view and models explains it:

Biological systems are merely a mutated reproduction from the half-mechanical/half-biological ancestral system known as “the building block of astronomical systems”. The astronomical building block is the last non-biological common ancestor of all living beings. Its best organic/molecular/nanotechnological reproduction is the base-pair of nucleotides, the building block of DNA. But... there is a fundamental difference between the non-living ancestor natural system and a single-cell system: the universal thermodynamic state. The astronomical building blok is a closed system, while its offspring, the biological systems, had mutated to the state of opened system.
So, the pieces/organs of a opened system needs external source of energy, while the pieces/organs of a closed system does not. The external sources never has the quality of energy/information for to support a piece/organ, while in a closed system, the internal source has enough. These poorest sources make that the system search for an optimal expression of its metabolic functions for keeping surviving and growing. But, surviving is the most priority task, not growing. Then, the system presents a reduced activity in some metabolic functions than the minimum number required for to grow at all.
Which could be the scientific method for helping the organism? First of all, identifying its moment state as piece of a proto-system. We need beginning to observe the shapes of cells, as when we know the several shapes of the same human being we can calculate its age. The teenage shape can be calculated the individual is from 14 to 18 years old. Knowing the individual age, we can calculate which functions it needs to perform for surviving and growing. We can calculate the environmental conditions and societal rules that provides the resources it needs. In another words, we can transform the external poor source of energy information for the ideal closed system source. There is a long path for work since we discovered the Matrix, there is other new world vision making a new scientific approach, but since it is the right one, we need do that. Cheers... Morelli