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Deconvolution done right

Posted by mfero on 07 Oct 2009 at 21:02 GMT

A very nice job getting deconvolved RNA expression data out of the raw expression data using a simple cell cycle model. I have tried gaussians with dispersion, but this looks like a better and well thought out approach. When will you have a MATLAB based tool for us to use? Somthing that could do simple time corrections of any kind of time course data would be nice. I think your method will benefit from better, more closely time-spaced expression data. I don't trust much of the expression data we have to give us much more than a qualitative look at expression regulation. I am skeptical of most of the high frequency wiggles given that there is no acknowlegement of errors, however I do believe you might be seeing a real effect in the step in CtrA expression. Nice Work.

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