Table of Contents: August 2015

In recent years, host-microbe interactions have acquired a central role in the theory of evolution. Animal and plants are no longer considered as autonomous entities, but rather as "holobionts": networks composed of the host and its associated microbes. Accordingly, the nuclear genome, organelles and microbiome of holobionts form a "hologenome". In a new Essay, Seth Bordenstein and Kevin Theis lay out ten principles that explain these concepts and the rules governing their establishment and maintenance. This image depicts a graphical tree of animal holobionts made out of symbiotic microbes growing on an agar plate.

Image Credit: Robert M. Brucker


Addressing Parental Vaccine Concerns: Engagement, Balance, and Timing

Jason M. Glanz, Courtney R. Kraus, Matthew F. Daley

The Question of Data Integrity in Article-Level Metrics

Gregg Gordon, Jennifer Lin, Richard Cave, Ralph Dandrea

Research Articles

Isometric Scaling in Developing Long Bones Is Achieved by an Optimal Epiphyseal Growth Balance

Tomer Stern, Rona Aviram, Chagai Rot, Tal Galili, Amnon Sharir, Noga Kalish Achrai, Yosi Keller, Ron Shahar, Elazar Zelzer

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Neocortical Rebound Depolarization Enhances Visual Perception

Kenta Funayama, Genki Minamisawa, Nobuyoshi Matsumoto, Hiroshi Ban, Allen W. Chan, Norio Matsuki, Timothy H. Murphy, Yuji Ikegaya

Spatiotemporal Spike Coding of Behavioral Adaptation in the Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex

Laureline Logiaco, René Quilodran, Emmanuel Procyk, Angelo Arleo

Sustained Pax6 Expression Generates Primate-like Basal Radial Glia in Developing Mouse Neocortex

Fong Kuan Wong, Ji-Feng Fei, Felipe Mora-Bermúdez, Elena Taverna, Christiane Haffner, Jun Fu, Konstantinos Anastassiadis, A. Francis Stewart, Wieland B. Huttner

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A Single-Strand Annealing Protein Clamps DNA to Detect and Secure Homology

Marcel Ander, Sivaraman Subramaniam, Karim Fahmy, A. Francis Stewart, Erik Schäffer

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