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Cross section of a mammary bud from a mouse embryo showing Notch1-expressing cells in green, myoepithelial cells in cyan and luminal cells in red. See Rodilla et al.

Image Credit: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002069



Walk on the Wild Side: Estimating the Global Magnitude of Visits to Protected Areas

Andrew Balmford, Jonathan M. H. Green, Michael Anderson, James Beresford, Charles Huang, Robin Naidoo, Matt Walpole, Andrea Manica

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Luminal Progenitors Restrict Their Lineage Potential during Mammary Gland Development

Veronica Rodilla, Alessandro Dasti, Mathilde Huyghe, Daniel Lafkas, Cécile Laurent, Fabien Reyal, Silvia Fre

Cofilin1 Controls Transcolumnar Plasticity in Dendritic Spines in Adult Barrel Cortex

Tadashi Tsubota, Reiko Okubo-Suzuki, Yohei Ohashi, Keita Tamura, Koshin Ogata, Masae Yaguchi, Makoto Matsuyama, Kaoru Inokuchi, Yasushi Miyashita

A Novel TGFβ Modulator that Uncouples R-Smad/I-Smad-Mediated Negative Feedback from R-Smad/Ligand-Driven Positive Feedback

Wenchao Gu, Rui Monteiro, Jie Zuo, Filipa Costa Simões, Andrea Martella, Charlotte Andrieu-Soler, Frank Grosveld, Tatjana Sauka-Spengler, Roger Patient

Activation and Alliance of Regulatory Pathways in C. albicans during Mammalian Infection

Wenjie Xu, Norma V. Solis, Rachel L. Ehrlich, Carol A. Woolford, Scott G. Filler, Aaron P. Mitchell

Ancient and Novel Small RNA Pathways Compensate for the Loss of piRNAs in Multiple Independent Nematode Lineages

Peter Sarkies, Murray E. Selkirk, John T. Jones, Vivian Blok, Thomas Boothby, Bob Goldstein, Ben Hanelt, Alex Ardila-Garcia, Naomi M. Fast, Phillip M. Schiffer, Christopher Kraus, Mark J. Taylor, Georgios Koutsovoulos, Mark L. Blaxter, Eric A. Miska

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Signal Transduction by a Fungal NOD-Like Receptor Based on Propagation of a Prion Amyloid Fold

Asen Daskalov, Birgit Habenstein, Denis Martinez, Alfons J. M. Debets, Raimon Sabaté, Antoine Loquet, Sven J. Saupe

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FAX1, a Novel Membrane Protein Mediating Plastid Fatty Acid Export

Nannan Li, Irene Luise Gügel, Patrick Giavalisco, Viktoria Zeisler, Lukas Schreiber, Jürgen Soll, Katrin Philippar

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Conformational Changes during Pore Formation by the Perforin-Related Protein Pleurotolysin

Natalya Lukoyanova, Stephanie C. Kondos, Irene Farabella, Ruby H. P. Law, Cyril F. Reboul, Tom T. Caradoc-Davies, Bradley A. Spicer, Oded Kleifeld, Daouda A. K. Traore, Susan M. Ekkel, Ilia Voskoboinik, Joseph A. Trapani, Tamas Hatfaludi, Katherine Oliver, Eileen M. Hotze, Rodney K. Tweten, James C. Whisstock, Maya Topf, Helen R. Saibil, Michelle A. Dunstone

The DEAH-box Helicase Dhr1 Dissociates U3 from the Pre-rRNA to Promote Formation of the Central Pseudoknot

Richa Sardana, Xin Liu, Sander Granneman, Jieyi Zhu, Michael Gill, Ophelia Papoulas, Edward M. Marcotte, David Tollervey, Carl C. Correll, Arlen W. Johnson