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These mouse cells in culture, with blue-stained nuclei, are infected by two strains of the banana-shaped parasitic protozoon, Toxoplasma gondii. The parasites of the black strain are coated with the mouse resistance protein, Irgb6, stained red, and will soon die. The green-stained parasites can enzymatically inactivate the resistance proteins. These parasites are therefore virulent and will soon start replicating and spreading from cell to cell. This picture illustrates one component of a complicated contest between polymorphic pathogens and polymorphic hosts. See Fleckenstein et al. (e1001358) in this issue.

Image Credit: Aliaksandr Khaminets and Jonathan Howard


Musical Melody and Speech Intonation: Singing a Different Tune

Robert J. Zatorre, Shari R. Baum

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Sakshat Labs: India's Virtual Proteomics Initiative

Sandipan Ray, Nicole R. Koshy, Shyam Diwakar, Bipin Nair, Sanjeeva Srivastava

Research Articles

The Evolutionary Consequences of Blood-Stage Vaccination on the Rodent Malaria Plasmodium chabaudi

Victoria C. Barclay, Derek Sim, Brian H. K. Chan, Lucas A. Nell, Maia A. Rabaa, Andrew S. Bell, Robin F. Anders, Andrew F. Read

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Niche-Associated Activation of Rac Promotes the Asymmetric Division of Drosophila Female Germline Stem Cells

Wen Lu, M. Olivia Casanueva, Anthony P. Mahowald, Mihoko Kato, David Lauterbach, Edwin L. Ferguson

Topology and Dynamics of the Zebrafish Segmentation Clock Core Circuit

Christian Schröter, Saúl Ares, Luis G. Morelli, Alina Isakova, Korneel Hens, Daniele Soroldoni, Martin Gajewski, Frank Jülicher, Sebastian J. Maerkl, Bart Deplancke, Andrew C. Oates

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The Vestibular System Implements a Linear–Nonlinear Transformation In Order to Encode Self-Motion

Corentin Massot, Adam D. Schneider, Maurice J. Chacron, Kathleen E. Cullen

Stimulation of Host Bone Marrow Stromal Cells by Sympathetic Nerves Promotes Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis in Mice

J. Preston Campbell, Matthew R. Karolak, Yun Ma, Daniel S. Perrien, S. Kathryn Masood-Campbell, Niki L. Penner, Steve A. Munoz, Andries Zijlstra, Xiangli Yang, Julie A. Sterling, Florent Elefteriou

A Toxoplasma gondii Pseudokinase Inhibits Host IRG Resistance Proteins

Martin C. Fleckenstein, Michael L. Reese, Stephanie Könen-Waisman, John C. Boothroyd, Jonathan C. Howard, Tobias Steinfeldt

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Regulation of DNA Replication within the Immunoglobulin Heavy-Chain Locus During B Cell Commitment

Agnieszka Demczuk, Michel G. Gauthier, Ingrid Veras, Settapong Kosiyatrakul, Carl L. Schildkraut, Meinrad Busslinger, John Bechhoefer, Paolo Norio

Systematic Dissection of Roles for Chromatin Regulators in a Yeast Stress Response

Assaf Weiner, Hsiuyi V. Chen, Chih Long Liu, Ayelet Rahat, Avital Klien, Luis Soares, Mohanram Gudipati, Jenna Pfeffner, Aviv Regev, Stephen Buratowski, Jeffrey A. Pleiss, Nir Friedman, Oliver J. Rando

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