Table of Contents: March 2012

Retirement from research is to be expected for many of the chimpanzees currently at biomedical facilities. Chimp Haven offers forested habitats, large social groups and AAALAC-accredited care for chimpanzees retired from government sponsored projects. The sanctuary currently provides a home to over 130 chimpanzees and has almost 100 hectares on which to expand. A fabricated “termite mound” serves as an enrichment device, allowing chimpanzees to use tools to retrieve treats, much like their wild counterparts do to extract termites. See de Waal FBM (e1001291).

Image Credit: Amy Fultz, Chimp Haven


Neuroscience, Ethics, and National Security: The State of the Art

Michael N. Tennison, Jonathan D. Moreno


Research Chimpanzees May Get a Break

Frans B. M. de Waal

Research Articles

Convergent Evolution of Escape from Hepaciviral Antagonism in Primates

Maulik R. Patel, Yueh-Ming Loo, Stacy M. Horner, Michael Gale Jr, Harmit S. Malik

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Role of the Gut Endoderm in Relaying Left-Right Patterning in Mice

Manuel Viotti, Lei Niu, Song-Hai Shi, Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis

Combinatorial Activation and Repression by Seven Transcription Factors Specify Drosophila Odorant Receptor Expression

Shadi Jafari, Liza Alkhori, Alexander Schleiffer, Anna Brochtrup, Thomas Hummel, Mattias Alenius

Presynaptically Localized Cyclic GMP-Dependent Protein Kinase 1 Is a Key Determinant of Spinal Synaptic Potentiation and Pain Hypersensitivity

Ceng Luo, Vijayan Gangadharan, Kiran Kumar Bali, Rou-Gang Xie, Nitin Agarwal, Martina Kurejova, Anke Tappe-Theodor, Irmgard Tegeder, Susanne Feil, Gary Lewin, Erika Polgar, Andrew J. Todd, Jens Schlossmann, Franz Hofmann, Da-Lu Liu, San-Jue Hu, Robert Feil, Thomas Kuner, Rohini Kuner

Mutations in the Mitochondrial Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase Cause a Neurodegenerative Phenotype in Flies and a Recessive Ataxia (ARSAL) in Humans

Vafa Bayat, Isabelle Thiffault, Manish Jaiswal, Martine Tétreault, Taraka Donti, Florin Sasarman, Geneviève Bernard, Julie Demers-Lamarche, Marie-Josée Dicaire, Jean Mathieu, Michel Vanasse, Jean-Pierre Bouchard, Marie-France Rioux, Charles M. Lourenco, Zhihong Li, Claire Haueter, Eric A. Shoubridge, Brett H. Graham, Bernard Brais, Hugo J. Bellen

NUP-1 Is a Large Coiled-Coil Nucleoskeletal Protein in Trypanosomes with Lamin-Like Functions

Kelly N. DuBois, Sam Alsford, Jennifer M. Holden, Johanna Buisson, Michal Swiderski, Jean-Mathieu Bart, Alexander V. Ratushny, Yakun Wan, Philippe Bastin, J. David Barry, Miguel Navarro, David Horn, John D. Aitchison, Michael P. Rout, Mark C. Field

USF Binding Sequences from the HS4 Insulator Element Impose Early Replication Timing on a Vertebrate Replicator

Vahideh Hassan-Zadeh, Sabarinadh Chilaka, Jean-Charles Cadoret, Meiji Kit-Wan Ma, Nicole Boggetto, Adam G. West, Marie-Noëlle Prioleau

Mediator Acts Upstream of the Transcriptional Activator Gal4

Keven Ang, Gary Ee, Edwin Ang, Elvin Koh, Wee Leng Siew, Yu Mun Chan, Sabrina Nur, Yee Sun Tan, Norbert Lehming