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Mutation of jamb results in the complete loss of myocyte fusion. Wild-type fast-twitch muscle precursors (myocytes) fuse together during embryogenesis to form syncytial muscle fibers. Loss of function of the cell surface receptor Jamb results in a potent block in fusion; instead, each myocyte forms its own mononuclear fiber. This phenotype is evident from the chevron-shaped arrangement of nuclei (red) within each myotome that arises by the central position of nuclei in each fiber (cell membranes shown in white). Confocal microscopy image of the axial musculature of jambHU3319 48 hour post-fertilization embryos labeled with mRFP (white) and DAPI (red). See Powell and Wright (e1001216).

Image Credit: Gareth Powell, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.


Why ONE Is More Than 5

Catriona J. MacCallum

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eBird: Engaging Birders in Science and Conservation

Chris Wood, Brian Sullivan, Marshall Iliff, Daniel Fink, Steve Kelling

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Microtubules in Bacteria: Ancient Tubulins Build a Five-Protofilament Homolog of the Eukaryotic Cytoskeleton

Martin Pilhofer, Mark S. Ladinsky, Alasdair W. McDowall, Giulio Petroni, Grant J. Jensen

Recognition and Degradation of Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharides by Two Human Gut Symbionts

Eric C. Martens, Elisabeth C. Lowe, Herbert Chiang, Nicholas A. Pudlo, Meng Wu, Nathan P. McNulty, D. Wade Abbott, Bernard Henrissat, Harry J. Gilbert, David N. Bolam, Jeffrey I. Gordon

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MicroRNA-Driven Developmental Remodeling in the Brain Distinguishes Humans from Other Primates

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Gut Microbiota Is a Key Modulator of Insulin Resistance in TLR 2 Knockout Mice

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Mechanotransduction In Vivo by Repeated Talin Stretch-Relaxation Events Depends upon Vinculin

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Coupled Motions Direct Electrons along Human Microsomal P450 Chains

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