Table of Contents: August 2011

A pseudo-colored scanning electron micrograph of the sex comb of D. melanogaster, ventral view. The sex comb is an example of a recently evolved and rapidly diversifying sex-specific structure. Tanaka et al. (e1001131) describe the genetic mechanism underlying its origin.

Image Credit: Artyom Kopp


Fertilizing Nature: A Tragedy of Excess in the Commons

Allen G. Good, Perrin H. Beatty

Unsolved Mystery

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Workshops without Walls: Broadening Access to Science around the World

Betül K. Arslan, Eric S. Boyd, Wendy W. Dolci, K. Estelle Dodson, Marco S. Boldt, Carl B. Pilcher

Research Articles

How Many Species Are There on Earth and in the Ocean?

Camilo Mora, Derek P. Tittensor, Sina Adl, Alastair G. B. Simpson, Boris Worm

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Combining Genome-Wide Association Mapping and Transcriptional Networks to Identify Novel Genes Controlling Glucosinolates in Arabidopsis thaliana

Eva K. F. Chan, Heather C. Rowe, Jason A. Corwin, Bindu Joseph, Daniel J. Kliebenstein

Functional Dissection of the Proton Pumping Modules of Mitochondrial Complex I

Stefan Dröse, Stephanie Krack, Lucie Sokolova, Klaus Zwicker, Hans-Dieter Barth, Nina Morgner, Heinrich Heide, Mirco Steger, Esther Nübel, Volker Zickermann, Stefan Kerscher, Bernhard Brutschy, Michael Radermacher, Ulrich Brandt

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  1. Tracing the Trail of Protons through Complex I of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain

Sex Chromosome-Specific Regulation in the Drosophila Male Germline But Little Evidence for Chromosomal Dosage Compensation or Meiotic Inactivation

Colin D. Meiklejohn, Emily L. Landeen, Jodi M. Cook, Sarah B. Kingan, Daven C. Presgraves

Evolution of Sex-Specific Traits through Changes in HOX-Dependent doublesex Expression

Kohtaro Tanaka, Olga Barmina, Laura E. Sanders, Michelle N. Arbeitman, Artyom Kopp

Three Distinct Roles for Notch in Drosophila R7 Photoreceptor Specification

Andrew Tomlinson, Yannis Emmanuel Mavromatakis, Gary Struhl

A Dual Binding Mode for RhoGTPases in Plexin Signalling

Christian H. Bell, A. Radu Aricescu, E. Yvonne Jones, Christian Siebold

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Video-Game Play Induces Plasticity in the Visual System of Adults with Amblyopia

Roger W. Li, Charlie Ngo, Jennie Nguyen, Dennis M. Levi

Alternative Mating Type Configurations (a/α versus a/a or α/α) of Candida albicans Result in Alternative Biofilms Regulated by Different Pathways

Song Yi, Nidhi Sahni, Karla J. Daniels, Kevin L. Lu, Thyagarajan Srikantha, Guanghua Huang, Adam M. Garnaas, David R. Soll

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  1. A Tale of Two Biofilms

Opposing Activities of LIT-1/NLK and DAF-6/Patched-Related Direct Sensory Compartment Morphogenesis in C. elegans

Grigorios Oikonomou, Elliot A. Perens, Yun Lu, Shigeki Watanabe, Erik M. Jorgensen, Shai Shaham