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Detection of beta-catenin expression (purple) allows visualization of down feather primordia interspersed among the elongating tract feathers on a 13-day duck embryo. Mou et al. show that the mechanism for defining feather spacing is locally modulated in different regions of the skin during feather patterning, making certain areas—particularly the neck—particularly prone to loss of feather coverage.

Image Credit: Denis Headon


Which Primates Recognize Themselves in Mirrors?

James R. Anderson, Gordon G. Gallup Jr

Resolving Difficult Phylogenetic Questions: Why More Sequences Are Not Enough

Hervé Philippe, Henner Brinkmann, Dennis V. Lavrov, D. Timothy J. Littlewood, Michael Manuel, Gert Wörheide, Denis Baurain

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Tailoring Science Outreach through E-Matching Using a Community-Based Participatory Approach

Bernice B. Rumala, Jack Hidary, Linda Ewool, Christopher Emdin, Ted Scovell

Research Articles

Exceptional Diversity, Maintenance of Polymorphism, and Recent Directional Selection on the APL1 Malaria Resistance Genes of Anopheles gambiae

Susan M. Rottschaefer, Michelle M. Riehle, Boubacar Coulibaly, Madjou Sacko, Oumou Niaré, Isabelle Morlais, Sekou F. Traoré, Kenneth D. Vernick, Brian P. Lazzaro

A Simple Mechanism for Complex Social Behavior

Katie Parkinson, Neil J. Buttery, Jason B. Wolf, Christopher R. L. Thompson

Host Defense against Viral Infection Involves Interferon Mediated Down-Regulation of Sterol Biosynthesis

Mathieu Blanc, Wei Yuan Hsieh, Kevin A. Robertson, Steven Watterson, Guanghou Shui, Paul Lacaze, Mizanur Khondoker, Paul Dickinson, Garwin Sing, Sara Rodríguez-Martín, Peter Phelan, Thorsten Forster, Birgit Strobl, Matthias Müller, Rudolph Riemersma, Timothy Osborne, Markus R. Wenk, Ana Angulo, Peter Ghazal

Cryptic Patterning of Avian Skin Confers a Developmental Facility for Loss of Neck Feathering

Chunyan Mou, Frederique Pitel, David Gourichon, Florence Vignoles, Athanasia Tzika, Patricia Tato, Le Yu, Dave W. Burt, Bertrand Bed'hom, Michele Tixier-Boichard, Kevin J. Painter, Denis J. Headon

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The Formation of the Bicoid Morphogen Gradient Requires Protein Movement from Anteriorly Localized mRNA

Shawn C. Little, Gašper Tkačik, Thomas B. Kneeland, Eric F. Wieschaus, Thomas Gregor

EphrinB/EphB Signaling Controls Embryonic Germ Layer Separation by Contact-Induced Cell Detachment

Nazanin Rohani, Laura Canty, Olivia Luu, François Fagotto, Rudolf Winklbauer

A Role for Myosin VI in the Localization of Axonal Proteins

Tommy L. Lewis Jr, Tianyi Mao, Don B. Arnold

Membrane Potential-Dependent Modulation of Recurrent Inhibition in Rat Neocortex

Jie Zhu, Man Jiang, Mingpo Yang, Han Hou, Yousheng Shu

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Fatty Acid Desaturation Links Germ Cell Loss to Longevity Through NHR-80/HNF4 in C. elegans

Jérôme Goudeau, Stéphanie Bellemin, Esther Toselli-Mollereau, Mehrnaz Shamalnasab, Yiqun Chen, Hugo Aguilaniu

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Enzymatic Blockade of the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway

Robert Ernst, Jasper H. L. Claessen, Britta Mueller, Sumana Sanyal, Eric Spooner, Annemarthe G. van der Veen, Oktay Kirak, Christian D. Schlieker, Wilhelm A. Weihofen, Hidde L. Ploegh

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Molecular Architecture of the Human Mediator–RNA Polymerase II–TFIIF Assembly

Carrie Bernecky, Patricia Grob, Christopher C. Ebmeier, Eva Nogales, Dylan J. Taatjes

A Structural and Mutagenic Blueprint for Molecular Recognition of Strychnine and d-Tubocurarine by Different Cys-Loop Receptors

Marijke Brams, Anshul Pandya, Dmitry Kuzmin, René van Elk, Liz Krijnen, Jerrel L. Yakel, Victor Tsetlin, August B. Smit, Chris Ulens

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