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While this female lays small clutches of eggs near the plant's tip, females of the same species, Euphydryas editha, from allopatric populations that specialize on a different host plant, lay large clutches near the ground. Field studies (see McBride and Singer, e1000529) show that "hybrids" have intermediate traits that cause them to suffer reduced fitness, revealing a form of reproductive isolation can provide a substantial barrier to gene flow at the early stages of ecological divergence and speciation.

Image Credit: Damien Caillaud, University of Texas at Austin


In Living Color: Bacterial Pigments as an Untapped Resource in the Classroom and Beyond

Louise K. Charkoudian, Jay T. Fitzgerald, Chaitan Khosla, Andrea Champlin

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Making Marine Life Count: A New Baseline for Policy

Meryl J. Williams, Jesse Ausubel, Ian Poiner, Serge M. Garcia, D. James Baker, Malcolm R. Clark, Heather Mannix, Kristen Yarincik, Patrick N. Halpin

Research Articles

A Protein Inventory of Human Ribosome Biogenesis Reveals an Essential Function of Exportin 5 in 60S Subunit Export

Thomas Wild, Peter Horvath, Emanuel Wyler, Barbara Widmann, Lukas Badertscher, Ivo Zemp, Karol Kozak, Gabor Csucs, Elsebet Lund, Ulrike Kutay

iCLIP Predicts the Dual Splicing Effects of TIA-RNA Interactions

Zhen Wang, Melis Kayikci, Michael Briese, Kathi Zarnack, Nicholas M. Luscombe, Gregor Rot, Blaž Zupan, Tomaž Curk, Jernej Ule

Quiescent Fibroblasts Exhibit High Metabolic Activity

Johanna M. S. Lemons, Xiao-Jiang Feng, Bryson D. Bennett, Aster Legesse-Miller, Elizabeth L. Johnson, Irene Raitman, Elizabeth A. Pollina, Herschel A. Rabitz, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Hilary A. Coller

Alignment between PIN1 Polarity and Microtubule Orientation in the Shoot Apical Meristem Reveals a Tight Coupling between Morphogenesis and Auxin Transport

Marcus G. Heisler, Olivier Hamant, Pawel Krupinski, Magalie Uyttewaal, Carolyn Ohno, Henrik Jönsson, Jan Traas, Elliot M. Meyerowitz

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Genome-Wide Analysis of Light- and Temperature-Entrained Circadian Transcripts in Caenorhabditis elegans

Alexander M. van der Linden, Matthew Beverly, Sebastian Kadener, Joseph Rodriguez, Sara Wasserman, Michael Rosbash, Piali Sengupta

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Subtle Alterations in PCNA-Partner Interactions Severely Impair DNA Replication and Repair

Yearit Fridman, Niv Palgi, Daniel Dovrat, Shay Ben-Aroya, Philip Hieter, Amir Aharoni

Genome-Wide Analyses Reveal a Role for Peptide Hormones in Planarian Germline Development

James J. Collins III, Xiaowen Hou, Elena V. Romanova, Bramwell G. Lambrus, Claire M. Miller, Amir Saberi, Jonathan V. Sweedler, Phillip A. Newmark

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Emergence of Noise-Induced Oscillations in the Central Circadian Pacemaker

Caroline H. Ko, Yujiro R. Yamada, David K. Welsh, Ethan D. Buhr, Andrew C. Liu, Eric E. Zhang, Martin R. Ralph, Steve A. Kay, Daniel B. Forger, Joseph S. Takahashi

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Chromosomal Redistribution of Male-Biased Genes in Mammalian Evolution with Two Bursts of Gene Gain on the X Chromosome

Yong E. Zhang, Maria D. Vibranovski, Patrick Landback, Gabriel A. B. Marais, Manyuan Long

The DNA/RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase QDE-1 Generates Aberrant RNA and dsRNA for RNAi in a Process Requiring Replication Protein A and a DNA Helicase

Heng-Chi Lee, Antti P. Aalto, Qiuying Yang, Shwu-Shin Chang, Guocun Huang, Daniel Fisher, Joonseok Cha, Minna M. Poranen, Dennis H. Bamford, Yi Liu

Protein Evolution by Molecular Tinkering: Diversification of the Nuclear Receptor Superfamily from a Ligand-Dependent Ancestor

Jamie T. Bridgham, Geeta N. Eick, Claire Larroux, Kirti Deshpande, Michael J. Harms, Marie E. A. Gauthier, Eric A. Ortlund, Bernard M. Degnan, Joseph W. Thornton

An Integrated Micro- and Macroarchitectural Analysis of the Drosophila Brain by Computer-Assisted Serial Section Electron Microscopy

Albert Cardona, Stephan Saalfeld, Stephan Preibisch, Benjamin Schmid, Anchi Cheng, Jim Pulokas, Pavel Tomancak, Volker Hartenstein