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The coastal perennial ecotype of the yellow monkeyflower, Mimulus guttatus, near Duncan's Landing in Northern California is shown above. In M. guttatus, a geographically widespread chromosomal inversion is involved in local adaptation and consequent reproductive isolation between annual and perennial ecotypes (see Lowry and Willis, e1000500), including the one featured in this photo.

Image Credit: David Lowry

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Bringing the Tiger Back from the Brink—The Six Percent Solution

Joe Walston, John G. Robinson, Elizabeth L. Bennett, Urs Breitenmoser, Gustavo A. B. da Fonseca, John Goodrich, Melvin Gumal, Luke Hunter, Arlyne Johnson, K. Ullas Karanth, Nigel Leader-Williams, Kathy MacKinnon, Dale Miquelle, Anak Pattanavibool, Colin Poole, Alan Rabinowitz, James L. D. Smith, Emma J. Stokes, Simon N. Stuart, Chanthavy Vongkhamheng, Hariyo Wibisono

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Creative Research Science Experiences for High School Students

Constance Hammond, David Karlin, Jean Thimonier

Research Articles

Inferring the Dynamics of Diversification: A Coalescent Approach

Hélène Morlon, Matthew D. Potts, Joshua B. Plotkin

Genomic Fossils Calibrate the Long-Term Evolution of Hepadnaviruses

Clément Gilbert, Cédric Feschotte

A Mixture of “Cheats” and “Co-Operators” Can Enable Maximal Group Benefit

R. Craig MacLean, Ayari Fuentes-Hernandez, Duncan Greig, Laurence D. Hurst, Ivana Gudelj

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Broca's Region: Novel Organizational Principles and Multiple Receptor Mapping

Katrin Amunts, Marianne Lenzen, Angela D. Friederici, Axel Schleicher, Patricia Morosan, Nicola Palomero-Gallagher, Karl Zilles

Post-Stroke Inhibition of Induced NADPH Oxidase Type 4 Prevents Oxidative Stress and Neurodegeneration

Christoph Kleinschnitz, Henrike Grund, Kirstin Wingler, Melanie E. Armitage, Emma Jones, Manish Mittal, David Barit, Tobias Schwarz, Christian Geis, Peter Kraft, Konstanze Barthel, Michael K. Schuhmann, Alexander M. Herrmann, Sven G. Meuth, Guido Stoll, Sabine Meurer, Anja Schrewe, Lore Becker, Valérie Gailus-Durner, Helmut Fuchs, Thomas Klopstock, Martin Hrabé de Angelis, Karin Jandeleit-Dahm, Ajay M. Shah, Norbert Weissmann, Harald H. H. W. Schmidt

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  1. NOX4: A Guilty Party in Stroke Damage

Desynchronization of Neocortical Networks by Asynchronous Release of GABA at Autaptic and Synaptic Contacts from Fast-Spiking Interneurons

Frédéric Manseau, Silvia Marinelli, Pablo Méndez, Beat Schwaller, David A. Prince, John R. Huguenard, Alberto Bacci

Brief Bursts Self-Inhibit and Correlate the Pyramidal Network

Thomas K. Berger, Gilad Silberberg, Rodrigo Perin, Henry Markram

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A Key Commitment Step in Erythropoiesis Is Synchronized with the Cell Cycle Clock through Mutual Inhibition between PU.1 and S-Phase Progression

Ramona Pop, Jeffrey R. Shearstone, Qichang Shen, Ying Liu, Kelly Hallstrom, Miroslav Koulnis, Joost Gribnau, Merav Socolovsky

A Senescence-Like Cell-Cycle Arrest Occurs During Megakaryocytic Maturation: Implications for Physiological and Pathological Megakaryocytic Proliferation

Rodolphe Besancenot, Ronan Chaligné, Carole Tonetti, Florence Pasquier, Caroline Marty, Yann Lécluse, William Vainchenker, Stefan N. Constantinescu, Stéphane Giraudier

Attenuated T Cell Responses to a High-Potency Ligand In Vivo

Emily Corse, Rachel A. Gottschalk, Michelle Krogsgaard, James P. Allison

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  1. The Goldilocks Model for TCR—Too Much Attraction Might Not Be Best for Vaccine Design

The Transforming Parasite Theileria Co-opts Host Cell Mitotic and Central Spindles to Persist in Continuously Dividing Cells

Conrad von Schubert, Gongda Xue, Jacqueline Schmuckli-Maurer, Kerry L. Woods, Erich A. Nigg, Dirk A. E. Dobbelaere

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  1. Clever Cattle Parasite Captures Cell Division Machinery

Stochastic E2F Activation and Reconciliation of Phenomenological Cell-Cycle Models

Tae J. Lee, Guang Yao, Dorothy C. Bennett, Joseph R. Nevins, Lingchong You

Polymorphic Cis- and Trans-Regulation of Human Gene Expression

Vivian G. Cheung, Renuka R. Nayak, Isabel Xiaorong Wang, Susannah Elwyn, Sarah M. Cousins, Michael Morley, Richard S. Spielman

Multi-Platform Next-Generation Sequencing of the Domestic Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo): Genome Assembly and Analysis

Rami A. Dalloul, Julie A. Long, Aleksey V. Zimin, Luqman Aslam, Kathryn Beal, Le Ann Blomberg, Pascal Bouffard, David W. Burt, Oswald Crasta, Richard P. M. A. Crooijmans, Kristal Cooper, Roger A. Coulombe, Supriyo De, Mary E. Delany, Jerry B. Dodgson, Jennifer J. Dong, Clive Evans, Karin M. Frederickson, Paul Flicek, Liliana Florea, Otto Folkerts, Martien A. M. Groenen, Tim T. Harkins, Javier Herrero, Steve Hoffmann, Hendrik-Jan Megens, Andrew Jiang, Pieter de Jong, Pete Kaiser, Heebal Kim, Kyu-Won Kim, Sungwon Kim, David Langenberger, Mi-Kyung Lee, Taeheon Lee, Shrinivasrao Mane, Guillaume Marcais, Manja Marz, Audrey P. McElroy, Thero Modise, Mikhail Nefedov, Cédric Notredame, Ian R. Paton, William S. Payne, Geo Pertea, Dennis Prickett, Daniela Puiu, Dan Qioa, Emanuele Raineri, Magali Ruffier, Steven L. Salzberg, Michael C. Schatz, Chantel Scheuring, Carl J. Schmidt, Steven Schroeder, Stephen M. J. Searle, Edward J. Smith, Jacqueline Smith, Tad S. Sonstegard, Peter F. Stadler, Hakim Tafer, Zhijian (Jake) Tu, Curtis P. Van Tassell, Albert J. Vilella, Kelly P. Williams, James A. Yorke, Liqing Zhang, Hong-Bin Zhang, Xiaojun Zhang, Yang Zhang, Kent M. Reed

A Global Census of Fission Yeast Deubiquitinating Enzyme Localization and Interaction Networks Reveals Distinct Compartmentalization Profiles and Overlapping Functions in Endocytosis and Polarity

Ilektra Kouranti, Janel R. McLean, Anna Feoktistova, Ping Liang, Alyssa E. Johnson, Rachel H. Roberts-Galbraith, Kathleen L. Gould

Complete Structural Model of Escherichia coli RNA Polymerase from a Hybrid Approach

Natacha Opalka, Jesse Brown, William J. Lane, Kelly-Anne F. Twist, Robert Landick, Francisco J. Asturias, Seth A. Darst

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