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Halophilic archaea thrive in harsh environments like the salt flat shown here, on the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia). In this issue of PLoS Biology, a Research Article (see Tadeo et al., e1000257) explains that, at the molecular level, the proteins of these extremophiles have evolved toward a biased amino acid composition, which reduces their interactions with the solvent.

Image Credit: Luca Galuzzi,

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“Deconstructing” Scientific Research: A Practical and Scalable Pedagogical Tool to Provide Evidence-Based Science Instruction

Ira E. Clark, Rafael Romero-Calderón, John M. Olson, Leslie Jaworski, David Lopatto, Utpal Banerjee

Research Articles

Transglutaminase-Mediated Semen Coagulation Controls Sperm Storage in the Malaria Mosquito

David W. Rogers, Francesco Baldini, Francesca Battaglia, Maria Panico, Anne Dell, Howard R. Morris, Flaminia Catteruccia

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A Cost of Sexual Attractiveness to High-Fitness Females

Tristan A. F. Long, Alison Pischedda, Andrew D. Stewart, William R. Rice

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The Eyes Have It: Regulatory and Structural Changes Both Underlie Cichlid Visual Pigment Diversity

Christopher M. Hofmann, Kelly E. O'Quin, N. Justin Marshall, Thomas W. Cronin, Ole Seehausen, Karen L. Carleton

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ZBED6, a Novel Transcription Factor Derived from a Domesticated DNA Transposon Regulates IGF2 Expression and Muscle Growth

Ellen Markljung, Lin Jiang, Jacob D. Jaffe, Tarjei S. Mikkelsen, Ola Wallerman, Martin Larhammar, Xiaolan Zhang, Li Wang, Veronica Saenz-Vash, Andreas Gnirke, Anders M. Lindroth, Romain Barrés, Jie Yan, Sara Strömberg, Sachinandan De, Fredrik Pontén, Eric S. Lander, Steven A. Carr, Juleen R. Zierath, Klas Kullander, Claes Wadelius, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Göran Andersson, Göran Hjälm, Leif Andersson

Distributed Fading Memory for Stimulus Properties in the Primary Visual Cortex

Danko Nikolić, Stefan Häusler, Wolf Singer, Wolfgang Maass

A Conserved CXXC Motif in CD3ε Is Critical for T Cell Development and TCR Signaling

Yibing Wang, Dean Becker, Tibor Vass, Janice White, Philippa Marrack, John W. Kappler

A Neuronal Acetylcholine Receptor Regulates the Balance of Muscle Excitation and Inhibition in Caenorhabditis elegans

Maelle Jospin, Yingchuan B. Qi, Tamara M. Stawicki, Thomas Boulin, Kim R. Schuske, H. Robert Horvitz, Jean-Louis Bessereau, Erik M. Jorgensen, Yishi Jin

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SUMO Modification Regulates BLM and RAD51 Interaction at Damaged Replication Forks

Karen J. Ouyang, Leslie L. Woo, Jianmei Zhu, Dezheng Huo, Michael J. Matunis, Nathan A. Ellis

Elongated Polyproline Motifs Facilitate Enamel Evolution through Matrix Subunit Compaction

Tianquan Jin, Yoshihiro Ito, Xianghong Luan, Smit Dangaria, Cameron Walker, Michael Allen, Ashok Kulkarni, Carolyn Gibson, Richard Braatz, Xiubei Liao, Thomas G. H. Diekwisch

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Structural Basis for the Aminoacid Composition of Proteins from Halophilic Archea

Xavier Tadeo, Blanca López-Méndez, Tamara Trigueros, Ana Laín, David Castaño, Oscar Millet

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