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The plant homeotic protein AGAMOUS controls the expression of the chromatin modifier GIANT KILLER, which fine-tunes the expression of multiple genes downstream of AGAMOUS in reproductive organ patterning and differentiation (see Ng et al., e1000251). A scanning electron micrograph of an Arabidopsis pistil shows that the ectopic expression of GIANT KILLER partially mimics the loss of function mutant of ETTIN (meaning "giant").

Image Credit: Kian-Hong Ng, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory


Article-Level Metrics and the Evolution of Scientific Impact

Cameron Neylon, Shirley Wu

Research Articles

Explaining the Linguistic Diversity of Sahul Using Population Models

Ger Reesink, Ruth Singer, Michael Dunn

The Properties of Adaptive Walks in Evolving Populations of Fungus

Sijmen E. Schoustra, Thomas Bataillon, Danna R. Gifford, Rees Kassen

Role of CBP and SATB-1 in Aging, Dietary Restriction, and Insulin-Like Signaling

Minhua Zhang, Michal Poplawski, Kelvin Yen, Hui Cheng, Erik Bloss, Xiao Zhu, Harshil Patel, Charles V. Mobbs

Misguided Transcriptional Elongation Causes Mixed Lineage Leukemia

Dorothee Mueller, María-Paz García-Cuéllar, Christian Bach, Sebastian Buhl, Emanuel Maethner, Robert K. Slany

Reversing Blood Flows Act through klf2a to Ensure Normal Valvulogenesis in the Developing Heart

Julien Vermot, Arian S. Forouhar, Michael Liebling, David Wu, Diane Plummer, Morteza Gharib, Scott E. Fraser

Cadherin-2 Controls Directional Chain Migration of Cerebellar Granule Neurons

Sandra Rieger, Niklas Senghaas, Axel Walch, Reinhard W. Köster

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The Multicopy Gene Sly Represses the Sex Chromosomes in the Male Mouse Germline after Meiosis

Julie Cocquet, Peter J. I. Ellis, Yasuhiro Yamauchi, Shantha K. Mahadevaiah, Nabeel A. Affara, Monika A. Ward, Paul S. Burgoyne

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An aPKC-Exocyst Complex Controls Paxillin Phosphorylation and Migration through Localised JNK1 Activation

Carine Rosse, Etienne Formstecher, Katrina Boeckeler, Yingming Zhao, Joachim Kremerskothen, Michael D. White, Jacques H. Camonis, Peter J. Parker

Identification and Functional Characterization of N-Terminally Acetylated Proteins in Drosophila melanogaster

Sandra Goetze, Ermir Qeli, Christian Mosimann, An Staes, Bertran Gerrits, Bernd Roschitzki, Sonali Mohanty, Eva M. Niederer, Endre Laczko, Evy Timmerman, Vinzenz Lange, Ernst Hafen, Ruedi Aebersold, Joël Vandekerckhove, Konrad Basler, Christian H. Ahrens, Kris Gevaert, Erich Brunner

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Concordant Regulation of Translation and mRNA Abundance for Hundreds of Targets of a Human microRNA

David G. Hendrickson, Daniel J. Hogan, Heather L. McCullough, Jason W. Myers, Daniel Herschlag, James E. Ferrell, Patrick O. Brown

Linking Human Diseases to Animal Models Using Ontology-Based Phenotype Annotation

Nicole L. Washington, Melissa A. Haendel, Christopher J. Mungall, Michael Ashburner, Monte Westerfield, Suzanna E. Lewis