Table of Contents: October 2008

2i-iPS cell colony. Inhibitors of the Mek/Erk and GSK3 pathways (2i) in the absence of serum promote the generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell colonies, shown here. These cells show expression of a pluripotency reporter (green) and reactivation of the silent X chromosome, as demonstrated by the lack of the nuclear red staining body (trimethyl H3K27). For comparison, a cluster of non-reprogrammed cells (non-green) displaying a silent X chromosome (red nuclear body) is shown in the bottom right-hand corner (see Silva et al., e253).

Image Credit: Illustration by Jose Silva and Ornella Barrandon


PLoS Biology at 5: The Future Is Open Access

Theodora Bloom, Christine Ferguson, Liza Gross, Catriona J MacCallum, Jami Milton, Robert Shields, Stephanie Wai, Janelle Weaver, Liz Williams


Arctic Sentinels

Hannah Hoag


Is Bayh-Dole Good for Developing Countries? Lessons from the US Experience

Anthony D So, Bhaven N Sampat, Arti K Rai, Robert Cook-Deegan, Jerome H Reichman, Robert Weissman, Amy Kapczynski

Research Articles

Survival of Migrating Salmon Smolts in Large Rivers With and Without Dams

David W Welch, Erin L Rechisky, Michael C Melnychuk, Aswea D Porter, Carl J Walters, Shaun Clements, Benjamin J Clemens, R. Scott McKinley, Carl Schreck

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High Rate of Recent Transposable Element–Induced Adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster

Josefa González, Kapa Lenkov, Mikhail Lipatov, J. Michael Macpherson, Dmitri A Petrov

Evolutionary Plasticity of Polycomb/Trithorax Response Elements in Drosophila Species

Arne Hauenschild, Leonie Ringrose, Christina Altmutter, Renato Paro, Marc Rehmsmeier

Brain IGF-1 Receptors Control Mammalian Growth and Lifespan through a Neuroendocrine Mechanism

Laurent Kappeler, Carlos De Magalhaes Filho, Joëlle Dupont, Patricia Leneuve, Pascale Cervera, Laurence Périn, Catherine Loudes, Annick Blaise, Rüdiger Klein, Jacques Epelbaum, Yves Le Bouc, Martin Holzenberger

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Rapid Interhemispheric Switching during Vocal Production in a Songbird

Claude Z. H Wang, Joshua A Herbst, Georg B Keller, Richard H. R Hahnloser

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Structural Homeostasis: Compensatory Adjustments of Dendritic Arbor Geometry in Response to Variations of Synaptic Input

Marco Tripodi, Jan Felix Evers, Alex Mauss, Michael Bate, Matthias Landgraf

The Timing of Differentiation of Adult Hippocampal Neurons Is Crucial for Spatial Memory

Stefano Farioli-Vecchioli, Daniele Saraulli, Marco Costanzi, Simone Pacioni, Irene Cinà, Massimiliano Aceti, Laura Micheli, Alberto Bacci, Vincenzo Cestari, Felice Tirone

REST Regulates Distinct Transcriptional Networks in Embryonic and Neural Stem Cells

Rory Johnson, Christina Hui-leng Teh, Galih Kunarso, Kee Yew Wong, Gopalan Srinivasan, Megan L Cooper, Manuela Volta, Sarah Su-ling Chan, Leonard Lipovich, Steven M Pollard, R. Krishna Murthy Karuturi, Chia-lin Wei, Noel J Buckley, Lawrence W Stanton

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Global Reorganization of Replication Domains During Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation

Ichiro Hiratani, Tyrone Ryba, Mari Itoh, Tomoki Yokochi, Michaela Schwaiger, Chia-Wei Chang, Yung Lyou, Tim M Townes, Dirk Schübeler, David M Gilbert

Promotion of Reprogramming to Ground State Pluripotency by Signal Inhibition

Jose Silva, Ornella Barrandon, Jennifer Nichols, Jitsutaro Kawaguchi, Thorold W Theunissen, Austin Smith

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An Autonomous Circadian Clock in the Inner Mouse Retina Regulated by Dopamine and GABA

Guo-Xiang Ruan, Gregg C Allen, Shin Yamazaki, Douglas G McMahon

The Desensitization Gating of the MthK K+ Channel Is Governed by Its Cytoplasmic Amino Terminus

Mario Meng-Chiang Kuo, Innokentiy Maslennikov, Brent Molden, Senyon Choe

Diverse RNA-Binding Proteins Interact with Functionally Related Sets of RNAs, Suggesting an Extensive Regulatory System

Daniel J Hogan, Daniel P Riordan, André P Gerber, Daniel Herschlag, Patrick O Brown

Proteomic Profiling of γ-Secretase Substrates and Mapping of Substrate Requirements

Matthew L Hemming, Joshua E Elias, Steven P Gygi, Dennis J Selkoe

The Nucleosome-Remodeling ATPase ISWI Is Regulated by Poly-ADP-Ribosylation

Anna Sala, Gaspare La Rocca, Giosalba Burgio, Elena Kotova, Dario Di Gesù, Marianna Collesano, Antonia M. R Ingrassia, Alexei V Tulin, Davide F. V Corona