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Male South African dwarf chameleons signal their dominance with conspicuous colours, emphasised during displays. The photo shows a Knysna dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion damaranum) displaying a combination of visible greens and ultraviolet greens, which appear similar to the human eye but very different to chameleons (see Stuart-Fox and Moussalli, page e25).

Image Credit: Photograph by A. Moussalli, Museum Victoria, Australia, and D. Stuart-Fox, University of Melbourne, Australia


Riders of a Modern-Day Ark

Virginia Gewin

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Solid-State, Dye-Labeled DNA Detects Volatile Compounds in the Vapor Phase

Joel White, Kathleen Truesdell, Lloyd B Williams, Mary S AtKisson, John S Kauer

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A Novel CpG Island Set Identifies Tissue-Specific Methylation at Developmental Gene Loci

Robert Illingworth, Alastair Kerr, Dina DeSousa, Helle Jørgensen, Peter Ellis, Jim Stalker, David Jackson, Chris Clee, Robert Plumb, Jane Rogers, Sean Humphray, Tony Cox, Cordelia Langford, Adrian Bird

Inhibitory Phosphorylation of Separase Is Essential for Genome Stability and Viability of Murine Embryonic Germ Cells

Xingxu Huang, Claudia V Andreu-Vieyra, J. Philippe York, Rashieda Hatcher, Tao Lu, Martin M Matzuk, Pumin Zhang

Strong Purifying Selection in Transmission of Mammalian Mitochondrial DNA

James Bruce Stewart, Christoph Freyer, Joanna L Elson, Anna Wredenberg, Zekiye Cansu, Aleksandra Trifunovic, Nils-Göran Larsson

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Distinct Roles for Arp2/3 Regulators in Actin Assembly and Endocytosis

Brian J Galletta, Dennis Y Chuang, John A Cooper

The Viral Oncoprotein LMP1 Exploits TRADD for Signaling by Masking Its Apoptotic Activity

Frank Schneider, Julia Neugebauer, Janine Griese, Nicola Liefold, Helmut Kutz, Cinthia Briseño, Arnd Kieser

Conformational Equilibria in Monomeric α-Synuclein at the Single-Molecule Level

Massimo Sandal, Francesco Valle, Isabella Tessari, Stefano Mammi, Elisabetta Bergantino, Francesco Musiani, Marco Brucale, Luigi Bubacco, Bruno Samorì

A Mechanism Regulating the Onset of Sox2 Expression in the Embryonic Neural Plate

Costis Papanayotou, Anne Mey, Anne-Marie Birot, Yasushi Saka, Sharon Boast, Jim C Smith, Jacques Samarut, Claudio D Stern

Sparse Representation of Sounds in the Unanesthetized Auditory Cortex

Tomáš Hromádka, Michael R DeWeese, Anthony M Zador

Cryptochromes Define a Novel Circadian Clock Mechanism in Monarch Butterflies That May Underlie Sun Compass Navigation

Haisun Zhu, Ivo Sauman, Quan Yuan, Amy Casselman, Myai Emery-Le, Patrick Emery, Steven M Reppert

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Selective Inflammatory Pain Insensitivity in the African Naked Mole-Rat (Heterocephalus glaber)

Thomas J Park, Ying Lu, René Jüttner, Ewan St. J Smith, Jing Hu, Antje Brand, Christiane Wetzel, Nevena Milenkovic, Bettina Erdmann, Paul A Heppenstall, Charles E Laurito, Steven P Wilson, Gary R Lewin

The Evolution of Quorum Sensing in Bacterial Biofilms

Carey D Nadell, Joao B Xavier, Simon A Levin, Kevin R Foster

Specific Targeting of a Plasmodesmal Protein Affecting Cell-to-Cell Communication

Carole L Thomas, Emmanuelle M Bayer, Christophe Ritzenthaler, Lourdes Fernandez-Calvino, Andrew J Maule