Table of Contents: December 2007

Our eyes are constantly moving, which blurs the image of the world across the retina. Shown here is a neural network model of the visual cortex that removes this motion blur by using neural connections that are matched to the statistics of eye movements (see Pitkow et al., e331).

Image Credit: Artwork by Xaq Pitkow, created using Adobe Illustrator


Filling in the Gaps: Artistic License in Education and Outreach

David S Goodsell, Graham T Johnson

Improving Science Education for Sustainable Development

Michiel van Eijck, Wolff-Michael Roth


Going against the Grain

Kendall Powell

Unsolved Mystery

Research Articles

Transglutaminase 2 Undergoes a Large Conformational Change upon Activation

Daniel M Pinkas, Pavel Strop, Axel T Brunger, Chaitan Khosla

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Dosage Compensation in the Mouse Balances Up-Regulation and Silencing of X-Linked Genes

Hong Lin, Vibhor Gupta, Matthew D VerMilyea, Francesco Falciani, Jeannie T Lee, Laura P O'Neill, Bryan M Turner

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The Inhibition of Polo Kinase by Matrimony Maintains G2 Arrest in the Meiotic Cell Cycle

Youbin Xiang, Satomi Takeo, Laurence Florens, Stacie E Hughes, Li-Jun Huo, William D Gilliland, Selene K Swanson, Kathy Teeter, Joel W Schwartz, Michael P Washburn, Sue L Jaspersen, R. Scott Hawley

GATA3-Driven Th2 Responses Inhibit TGF-β1–Induced FOXP3 Expression and the Formation of Regulatory T Cells

Pierre-Yves Mantel, Harmjan Kuipers, Onur Boyman, Claudio Rhyner, Nadia Ouaked, Beate Rückert, Christian Karagiannidis, Bart N Lambrecht, Rudolf W Hendriks, Reto Crameri, Cezmi A Akdis, Kurt Blaser, Carsten B Schmidt-Weber

The Signal Sequence Coding Region Promotes Nuclear Export of mRNA

Alexander F Palazzo, Michael Springer, Yoko Shibata, Chung-Sheng Lee, Anusha P Dias, Tom A Rapoport

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Incomplete and Inaccurate Vocal Imitation after Knockdown of FoxP2 in Songbird Basal Ganglia Nucleus Area X

Sebastian Haesler, Christelle Rochefort, Benjamin Georgi, Pawel Licznerski, Pavel Osten, Constance Scharff

A Neural Computation for Visual Acuity in the Presence of Eye Movements

Xaq Pitkow, Haim Sompolinsky, Markus Meister