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Filopodia and lamellipodia are actin-rich protrusions important for cell motility. This electron micrograph shows exaggerated filopodia with club-like shape induced by formin mDia2 in cultured cells. These filopodia are filled with bundled actin filaments which were born in and converged from the lamellipodial network (see Yang et al., page e317).

Image Credit: Image by Lubov Czech, Tatyana Svitkina, and Changsong Yang using Adobe Photoshop software




Biology and Health Inequality

Eric Brunner

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Genetic Elucidation of Human Hyperosmia to Isovaleric Acid

Idan Menashe, Tatjana Abaffy, Yehudit Hasin, Sivan Goshen, Vered Yahalom, Charles W Luetje, Doron Lancet

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Coordinate Gene Regulation during Hematopoiesis Is Related to Genomic Organization

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Self-Organization in High-Density Bacterial Colonies: Efficient Crowd Control

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Changsong Yang, Lubov Czech, Silke Gerboth, Shin-ichiro Kojima, Giorgio Scita, Tatyana Svitkina

Resolving the Fast Kinetics of Cooperative Binding: Ca2+ Buffering by Calretinin

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Draft Crystal Structure of the Vault Shell at 9-Å Resolution

Daniel H Anderson, Valerie A Kickhoefer, Stuart A Sievers, Leonard H Rome, David Eisenberg

Omnidirectional Sensory and Motor Volumes in Electric Fish

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Disruption of State Estimation in the Human Lateral Cerebellum

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