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Red knots taking a nap during high tide in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Recently, this marine protected area has been commercially exploited by shellfisheries. As reported by van Gils et al., shellfish dredging has been directly responsible for a decline in the knots' population through a reduction in both the amount and the quality of their food resources.

Image Credit: Photo: Jan van de Kam


Balancing Robustness and Evolvability

Richard E Lenski, Jeffrey E Barrick, Charles Ofria


What Is the Hobbit?

Tabitha M Powledge

Research Articles

The Genome of Deep-Sea Vent Chemolithoautotroph Thiomicrospira crunogena XCL-2

Kathleen M Scott, Stefan M Sievert, Fereniki N Abril, Lois A Ball, Chantell J Barrett, Rodrigo A Blake, Amanda J Boller, Patrick S. G Chain, Justine A Clark, Carisa R Davis, Chris Detter, Kimberly F Do, Kimberly P Dobrinski, Brandon I Faza, Kelly A Fitzpatrick, Sharyn K Freyermuth, Tara L Harmer, Loren J Hauser, Michael Hügler, Cheryl A Kerfeld, Martin G Klotz, William W Kong, Miriam Land, Alla Lapidus, Frank W Larimer, Dana L Longo, Susan Lucas, Stephanie A Malfatti, Steven E Massey, Darlene D Martin, Zoe McCuddin, Folker Meyer, Jessica L Moore, Luis H Ocampo Jr., John H Paul, Ian T Paulsen, Douglas K Reep, Qinghu Ren, Rachel L Ross, Priscila Y Sato, Phaedra Thomas, Lance E Tinkham, Gary T Zeruth

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A High-Resolution Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genetic Map of the Mouse Genome

Sagiv Shifman, Jordana Tzenova Bell, Richard R Copley, Martin S Taylor, Robert W Williams, Richard Mott, Jonathan Flint

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Divergent Selection on Opsins Drives Incipient Speciation in Lake Victoria Cichlids

Yohey Terai, Ole Seehausen, Takeshi Sasaki, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Shinji Mizoiri, Tohru Sugawara, Tetsu Sato, Masakatsu Watanabe, Nellie Konijnendijk, Hillary D. J Mrosso, Hidenori Tachida, Hiroo Imai, Yoshinori Shichida, Norihiro Okada

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The Structure of an RNAi Polymerase Links RNA Silencing and Transcription

Paula S Salgado, Minni R. L Koivunen, Eugene V Makeyev, Dennis H Bamford, David I Stuart, Jonathan M Grimes

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Plasma Membrane Is the Site of Productive HIV-1 Particle Assembly

Nolwenn Jouvenet, Stuart J. D Neil, Cameron Bess, Marc C Johnson, Cesar A Virgen, Sanford M Simon, Paul D Bieniasz

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Polarised Asymmetric Inheritance of Accumulated Protein Damage in Higher Eukaryotes

María A Rujano, Floris Bosveld, Florian A Salomons, Freark Dijk, Maria A.W.H van Waarde, Johannes J.L van der Want, Rob A.I de Vos, Ewout R Brunt, Ody C.M Sibon, Harm H Kampinga

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Drosophila NMNAT Maintains Neural Integrity Independent of Its NAD Synthesis Activity

R. Grace Zhai, Yu Cao, P. Robin Hiesinger, Yi Zhou, Sunil Q Mehta, Karen L Schulze, Patrik Verstreken, Hugo J Bellen

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Functional Convergence of Neurons Generated in the Developing and Adult Hippocampus

Diego A Laplagne, M. Soledad Espósito, Verónica C Piatti, Nicolás A Morgenstern, Chunmei Zhao, Henriette van Praag, Fred H Gage, Alejandro F Schinder

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Interspecific Communicative and Coordinated Hunting between Groupers and Giant Moray Eels in the Red Sea

Redouan Bshary, Andrea Hohner, Karim Ait-el-Djoudi, Hans Fricke

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Shellfish Dredging Pushes a Flexible Avian Top Predator out of a Marine Protected Area

Jan A van Gils, Theunis Piersma, Anne Dekinga, Bernard Spaans, Casper Kraan

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Rarity Value and Species Extinction: The Anthropogenic Allee Effect

Franck Courchamp, Elena Angulo, Philippe Rivalan, Richard J Hall, Laetitia Signoret, Leigh Bull, Yves Meinard

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