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The photograph depicts Maria, a female orang-utan living in the highly fragmented forest of the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in eastern Sabah. Her future is in the hands of humankind, who clearly pushed the species to the brink of extinction during the last century, according to research reported in this issue of PLoS Biology. See Goosens et al.

Image Credit: Photo by Jamil Sinyor/KOCP


Science in the News

Hemai Parthasarathy


Pandemic Influenza: The Inside Story

Henry Nicholls

Unsolved Mystery

Autophagy: A Forty-Year Search for a Missing Membrane Source

Gabor Juhasz, Thomas P Neufeld

Research Articles

Intronic Binding Sites for hnRNP A/B and hnRNP F/H Proteins Stimulate Pre-mRNA Splicing

Rebeca Martinez-Contreras, Jean-François Fisette, Faiz-ul Hassan Nasim, Richard Madden, Mélanie Cordeau, Benoit Chabot

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Hem-1 Complexes Are Essential for Rac Activation, Actin Polymerization, and Myosin Regulation during Neutrophil Chemotaxis

Orion D Weiner, Maike C Rentel, Alex Ott, Glenn E Brown, Mark Jedrychowski, Michael B Yaffe, Steven P Gygi, Lewis C Cantley, Henry R Bourne, Marc W Kirschner

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  1. Protein Complexes Help Point Migrating Cells in the Right Direction

Two-Photon Imaging of Cortical Surface Microvessels Reveals a Robust Redistribution in Blood Flow after Vascular Occlusion

Chris B Schaffer, Beth Friedman, Nozomi Nishimura, Lee F Schroeder, Philbert S Tsai, Ford F Ebner, Patrick D Lyden, David Kleinfeld

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  1. Redundancy in Cortical Surface Vessels Supports Persistent Blood Flow

Genetic Signature of Anthropogenic Population Collapse in Orang-utans

Benoît Goossens, Lounès Chikhi, Marc Ancrenaz, Isabelle Lackman-Ancrenaz, Patrick Andau, Michael W Bruford

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  1. Genetic Evidence that Humans Have Pushed Orang-utans to the Brink of Extinction

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