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Horizontal transfer is the movement of genetic material between reproductively isolated species. Although horizontal transfer of plant mitochondrial genes is well documented, movement of plant nuclear genes has never been observed. The first such case, involving the movement of a transposable element between millet and rice, is presented in Diao et al.

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Stepwise Translocation of Dpo4 Polymerase during Error-Free Bypass of an oxoG Lesion

Olga Rechkoblit, Lucy Malinina, Yuan Cheng, Vitaly Kuryavyi, Suse Broyde, Nicholas E Geacintov, Dinshaw J Patel

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Activation of NK Cells by an Endocytosed Receptor for Soluble HLA-G

Sumati Rajagopalan, Yenan T Bryceson, Shanmuga P Kuppusamy, Daniel E Geraghty, Arnold van der Meer, Irma Joosten, Eric O Long

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Identification of Drosophila Gene Products Required for Phagocytosis of Candida albicans

Shannon L Stroschein-Stevenson, Edan Foley, Patrick H O'Farrell, Alexander D Johnson

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Functional Amyloid Formation within Mammalian Tissue

Douglas M Fowler, Atanas V Koulov, Christelle Alory-Jost, Michael S Marks, William E Balch, Jeffery W Kelly

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RNA Viral Community in Human Feces: Prevalence of Plant Pathogenic Viruses

Tao Zhang, Mya Breitbart, Wah Heng Lee, Jin-Quan Run, Chia Lin Wei, Shirlena Wee Ling Soh, Martin L Hibberd, Edison T Liu, Forest Rohwer, Yijun Ruan

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Horizontal Transfer of a Plant Transposon

Xianmin Diao, Michael Freeling, Damon Lisch

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