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The cowrie Ipsa childreni is a member of the diverse family Cypraeidae. Cowries are one of the most extensively studied marine gastropod groups both morphologically and genetically. A comprehensive genetic database is used to assess barcoding error rates for both species identification and discovery. See Meyer and Paulay.

Image Credit: Photograph by Christopher Meyer


Eco-Defense against Invasions

Virginia Gewin

Research Articles

Systematic Discovery of New Recognition Peptides Mediating Protein Interaction Networks

Victor Neduva, Rune Linding, Isabelle Su-Angrand, Alexander Stark, Federico de Masi, Toby J Gibson, Joe Lewis, Luis Serrano, Robert B Russell

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Variant Histone H2A.Z Is Globally Localized to the Promoters of Inactive Yeast Genes and Regulates Nucleosome Positioning

Benoît Guillemette, Alain R Bataille, Nicolas Gévry, Maryse Adam, Mathieu Blanchette, François Robert, Luc Gaudreau

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  1. Preparing for Transcription: The Role of Histone H2A.Z

Securin Is Not Required for Chromosomal Stability in Human Cells

Katrin Pfleghaar, Simone Heubes, Jürgen Cox, Olaf Stemmann, Michael R Speicher

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Impaired DNA Replication within Progenitor Cell Pools Promotes Leukemogenesis

Ganna Bilousova, Andriy Marusyk, Christopher C Porter, Robert D Cardiff, James DeGregori

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Effects of Hypothalamic Neurodegeneration on Energy Balance

Allison Wanting Xu, Christopher B Kaelin, Gregory J Morton, Kayoko Ogimoto, Kimber Stanhope, James Graham, Denis G Baskin, Peter Havel, Michael W Schwartz, Gregory S Barsh

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Ultrasonic Songs of Male Mice

Timothy E Holy, Zhongsheng Guo

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Neural Substrate of Body Size: Illusory Feeling of Shrinking of the Waist

H. Henrik Ehrsson, Tomonori Kito, Norihiro Sadato, Richard E Passingham, Eiichi Naito

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Ancient and Recent Positive Selection Transformed Opioid cis-Regulation in Humans

Matthew V Rockman, Matthew W Hahn, Nicole Soranzo, Fritz Zimprich, David B Goldstein, Gregory A Wray

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Book Review%2FScience in the Media

The Heart of Medicine

Paul W Glimcher