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Experimentally manipulating the environment of water fleas (Daphnia) demonstrates that extinction risk can be predicted accurately if density dependence is included and reveals that existing models underestimate extinction rates.

Image Credit: Photograph provided by Paul Hebert, Barcode of Life Image Library, University of Guelph, Canada


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Protecting Science from Abuse Requires a Broader Form of Outreach

Kai M. A Chan, Paul A. T Higgins, Stephen Porder

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Self-Assembling Peptide Detergents Stabilize Isolated Photosystem Ion a Dry Surface for an Extended Time

Patrick Kiley, Xiaojun Zhao, Michael Vaughn, Marc A Baldo, Barry D Bruce, Shuguang Zhang

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  1. Simple Peptides Stabilize Mighty Membrane Proteins for Study

Normal microRNA Maturation and Germ-Line Stem Cell Maintenance Requires Loquacious, a Double-Stranded RNA-Binding Domain Protein

Klaus Förstemann, Yukihide Tomari, Tingting Du, Vasily V Vagin, Ahmet M Denli, Diana P Bratu, Carla Klattenhoff, William E Theurkauf, Phillip D Zamore

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  1. Processing of Pre-microRNAs by the Dicer-1–Loquacious Complex in Drosophila Cells
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The Cell Cycle–Regulated Genes of Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Anna Oliva, Adam Rosebrock, Francisco Ferrezuelo, Saumyadipta Pyne, Haiying Chen, Steve Skiena, Bruce Futcher, Janet Leatherwood

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  1. Transcriptional Waves in the Yeast Cell Cycle

The Evolution of Connectivity in Metabolic Networks

Thomas Pfeiffer, Orkun S Soyer, Sebastian Bonhoeffer

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  1. Simple Rules Reproduce a Hub-Shaped Cell Metabolic Network

The Pattern of Polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Magnus Nordborg, Tina T Hu, Yoko Ishino, Jinal Jhaveri, Christopher Toomajian, Honggang Zheng, Erica Bakker, Peter Calabrese, Jean Gladstone, Rana Goyal, Mattias Jakobsson, Sung Kim, Yuri Morozov, Badri Padhukasahasram, Vincent Plagnol, Noah A Rosenberg, Chitiksha Shah, Jeffrey D Wall, Jue Wang, Keyan Zhao, Theodore Kalbfleisch, Vincent Schulz, Martin Kreitman, Joy Bergelson

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  1. Patterns of Genetic Variation Reveal Plant's Evolutionary Roots

Visually Inexperienced Chicks Exhibit Spontaneous Preference for Biological Motion Patterns

Giorgio Vallortigara, Lucia Regolin, Fabio Marconato

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  1. Attraction to Motion

Correspondence and Other Communications

School Students as Drosophila Experimenters

Faiza Siyad, Jodianne Griffiths, Faira Janjua, Elizabeth Jackson, Ian Rodrigues, Fiona Kerr, Daniel Mackay, Simon Lovestone


Correction: Human MicroRNA Targets

Bino John, Anton J Enright, Alexei Aravin, Thomas Tuschl, Chris Sander, Debora S Marks

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Book Review%2FScience in the Media

Vision in Film

Sanjit Bagchi