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Clockwise to center: A library of small molecules (yellow) was screened using a cellmicroscopy-based assay to identify one with interesting biological activity. The protein it bound (and inhibited) was affinity purified, and its structure is shown in yellow. Solving the crystal structure of the small molecule/protein complex (bottom) informed the design of better inhibitors (gray).

Image Credit: Cover design by Daniel Rauh; molecular images created with PyMOL software; central fluorescence micrograph courtesy of Nico Stuurman. See Tanaka et al.


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Research Articles

An Unbiased Cell Morphology–Based Screen for New, Biologically Active Small Molecules

Masahiro Tanaka, Raynard Bateman, Daniel Rauh, Eugeni Vaisberg, Shyam Ramachandani, Chao Zhang, Kirk C Hansen, Alma L Burlingame, Jay K Trautman, Kevan M Shokat, Cynthia L Adams

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Structure of the Mg-Chelatase Cofactor GUN4 Reveals a Novel Hand-Shaped Fold for Porphyrin Binding

Mark A Verdecia, Robert M Larkin, Jean-Luc Ferrer, Roland Riek, Joanne Chory, Joseph P Noel

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Evolutionary Origins of Genomic Repertoires in Bacteria

Emmanuelle Lerat, Vincent Daubin, Howard Ochman, Nancy A Moran

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Systematic Association of Genes to Phenotypes by Genome and Literature Mining

Jan O Korbel, Tobias Doerks, Lars J Jensen, Carolina Perez-Iratxeta, Szymon Kaczanowski, Sean D Hooper, Miguel A Andrade, Peer Bork

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Three-Dimensional Maps of All Chromosomes in Human Male Fibroblast Nuclei and Prometaphase Rosettes

Andreas Bolzer, Gregor Kreth, Irina Solovei, Daniela Koehler, Kaan Saracoglu, Christine Fauth, Stefan Müller, Roland Eils, Christoph Cremer, Michael R Speicher, Thomas Cremer

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A Combinatorial Code for Splicing Silencing: UAGG and GGGG Motifs

Kyoungha Han, Gene Yeo, Ping An, Christopher B Burge, Paula J Grabowski

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Subversion of Cellular Autophagosomal Machinery by RNA Viruses

William T Jackson, Thomas H Giddings Jr, Matthew P Taylor, Sara Mulinyawe, Marlene Rabinovitch, Ron R Kopito, Karla Kirkegaard

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Regulatory Variation at Glypican-3 Underlies a Major Growth QTL in Mice

Fiona Oliver, Julian K Christians, Xiaojun Liu, Susan Rhind, Vinesh Verma, Claire Davison, Steve D. M Brown, Paul Denny, Peter D Keightley

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A Developmental Switch in the Response of DRG Neurons to ETS Transcription Factor Signaling

Simon Hippenmeyer, Eline Vrieseling, Markus Sigrist, Thomas Portmann, Celia Laengle, David R Ladle, Silvia Arber

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The Neural Substrates of Infant Sleep in Rats

Karl Æ Karlsson, Andrew J Gall, Ethan J Mohns, Adele M. H Seelke, Mark S Blumberg

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