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Epidermal thickening is seen in the skin of transgenic mice expressing the transcription factor Snail, as shown in this skin section. Expansion of basal and terminally differentiating layers occurs, as detected by antibodies against keratin 5 (green), which normally marks the innermost (basal) layer, and against filaggrin (red), a late-stage marker of upper layers. (See Jamora et al.)


A Golden Age of Brain Exploration

Virginia Gewin

Help Wanted: Science Manager

Kirsten A Hubbard

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Biology by Numbers—Introducing Quantitation into Life Science Education

Tinri Aegerter-Wilmsen, Ton Bisseling

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Charles Carlson

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Aerial Surveys Give New Estimates for Orangutans in Sabah, Malaysia

Marc Ancrenaz, Olivier Gimenez, Laurentius Ambu, Karine Ancrenaz, Patrick Andau, Benoît Goossens, John Payne, Azri Sawang, Augustine Tuuga, Isabelle Lackman-Ancrenaz

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Relaxed Molecular Clock Provides Evidence for Long-Distance Dispersal of Nothofagus (Southern Beech)

Michael Knapp, Karen Stöckler, David Havell, Frédéric Delsuc, Federico Sebastiani, Peter J Lockhart

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Ancient DNA Provides New Insights into the Evolutionary History of New Zealand's Extinct Giant Eagle

Michael Bunce, Marta Szulkin, Heather R. L Lerner, Ian Barnes, Beth Shapiro, Alan Cooper, Richard N Holdaway

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A Gradual Process of Recombination Restriction in the Evolutionary History of the Sex Chromosomes in Dioecious Plants

Michael Nicolas, Gabriel Marais, Vladka Hykelova, Bohuslav Janousek, Valérie Laporte, Boris Vyskot, Dominique Mouchiroud, Ioan Negrutiu, Deborah Charlesworth, Françoise Monéger

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Major Structural Differences and Novel Potential Virulence Mechanisms from the Genomes of Multiple Campylobacter Species

Derrick E Fouts, Emmanuel F Mongodin, Robert E Mandrell, William G Miller, David A Rasko, Jacques Ravel, Lauren M Brinkac, Robert T DeBoy, Craig T Parker, Sean C Daugherty, Robert J Dodson, A. Scott Durkin, Ramana Madupu, Steven A Sullivan, Jyoti U Shetty, Mobolanle A Ayodeji, Alla Shvartsbeyn, Michael C Schatz, Jonathan H Badger, Claire M Fraser, Karen E Nelson

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The Structure of a Rigorously Conserved RNA Element within the SARS Virus Genome

Michael P Robertson, Haller Igel, Robert Baertsch, David Haussler, Manuel Ares Jr, William G Scott

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Sorghum Genome Sequencing by Methylation Filtration

Joseph A Bedell, Muhammad A Budiman, Andrew Nunberg, Robert W Citek, Dan Robbins, Joshua Jones, Elizabeth Flick, Theresa Rohlfing, Jason Fries, Kourtney Bradford, Jennifer McMenamy, Michael Smith, Heather Holeman, Bruce A Roe, Graham Wiley, Ian F Korf, Pablo D Rabinowicz, Nathan Lakey, W. Richard McCombie, Jeffrey A Jeddeloh, Robert A Martienssen

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Highly Conserved Non-Coding Sequences Are Associated with Vertebrate Development

Adam Woolfe, Martin Goodson, Debbie K Goode, Phil Snell, Gayle K McEwen, Tanya Vavouri, Sarah F Smith, Phil North, Heather Callaway, Krys Kelly, Klaudia Walter, Irina Abnizova, Walter Gilks, Yvonne J. K Edwards, Julie E Cooke, Greg Elgar

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A Signaling Pathway Involving TGF-β2 and Snail in Hair Follicle Morphogenesis

Colin Jamora, Pedro Lee, Pawel Kocieniewski, Mohamad Azhar, Ryoichi Hosokawa, Yang Chai, Elaine Fuchs

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Transcription-Based Prediction of Response to IFNβ Using Supervised Computational Methods

Sergio E Baranzini, Parvin Mousavi, Jordi Rio, Stacy J Caillier, Althea Stillman, Pablo Villoslada, Matthew M Wyatt, Manuel Comabella, Larry D Greller, Roland Somogyi, Xavier Montalban, Jorge R Oksenberg

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