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In many social insects both workers and queens can lay male eggs. In a comparative study, Hammond and Keller (see article) show that, contrary to expectation, relatedness does not explain the proportion of worker-produced males. This suggests that regulation of worker reproduction occurs because selfish reproduction by workers reduces colony productivity.

Image Credit: Two Argentine ant workers (Linepithema humile) by Christian Konig,


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The Genome Assembly Archive: A New Public Resource

Steven L Salzberg, Deanna Church, Michael DiCuccio, Eugene Yaschenko, James Ostell

Submission of Microarray Data to Public Repositories

Catherine A Ball, Alvis Brazma, Helen Causton, Steve Chervitz, Ron Edgar, Pascal Hingamp, John C Matese, Helen Parkinson, John Quackenbush, Martin Ringwald, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Gavin Sherlock, Paul Spellman, Chris Stoeckert, Yoshio Tateno, Ronald Taylor, Joseph White, Neil Winegarden

Research Articles

A Drosophila Pattern Recognition Receptor Contains a Peptidoglycan Docking Groove and Unusual L,D-Carboxypeptidase Activity

Chung-I Chang, Sébastien Pili-Floury, Mireille Hervé, Claudine Parquet, Yogarany Chelliah, Bruno Lemaitre, Dominique Mengin-Lecreulx, Johann Deisenhofer

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Recognition and Accommodation at the Androgen Receptor Coactivator Binding Interface

Eugene Hur, Samuel J Pfaff, E. Sturgis Payne, Hanne Grøn, Benjamin M Buehrer, Robert J Fletterick

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Continued Colonization of the Human Genome by Mitochondrial DNA

Miria Ricchetti, Fredj Tekaia, Bernard Dujon

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Genome-Wide Mapping of the Cohesin Complex in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Earl F Glynn, Paul C Megee, Hong-Guo Yu, Cathy Mistrot, Elcin Unal, Douglas E Koshland, Joseph L DeRisi, Jennifer L Gerton

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The Rab5 Effector Rabankyrin-5 Regulates and Coordinates Different Endocytic Mechanisms

Carsten Schnatwinkel, Savvas Christoforidis, Margaret R Lindsay, Sandrine Uttenweiler-Joseph, Matthias Wilm, Robert G Parton, Marino Zerial

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Sir2-Independent Life Span Extension by Calorie Restriction in Yeast

Matt Kaeberlein, Kathryn T Kirkland, Stanley Fields, Brian K Kennedy

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Single Nucleotide Polymorphism–Based Validation of Exonic Splicing Enhancers

William G Fairbrother, Dirk Holste, Christopher B Burge, Phillip A Sharp

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Transcriptional Control in the Segmentation Gene Network of Drosophila

Mark D Schroeder, Michael Pearce, John Fak, HongQing Fan, Ulrich Unnerstall, Eldon Emberly, Nikolaus Rajewsky, Eric D Siggia, Ulrike Gaul

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Genomic Analysis of Mouse Retinal Development

Seth Blackshaw, Sanjiv Harpavat, Jeff Trimarchi, Li Cai, Haiyan Huang, Winston P Kuo, Griffin Weber, Kyungjoon Lee, Rebecca E Fraioli, Seo-Hee Cho, Rachel Yung, Elizabeth Asch, Lucila Ohno-Machado, Wing H Wong, Constance L Cepko

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An Integrin-Dependent Role of Pouch Endoderm in Hyoid Cartilage Development

Justin Gage Crump, Mary E Swartz, Charles B Kimmel

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Book Review%2FScience in the Media

Paradoxes of Difference

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee