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Caspases promote apoptotic cell death by cleaving cellular proteins. Multiple caspase cascades are shown to be required for the non-apoptotic process of sperm development. The cover shows images of Drosophila testes labeled with several different antibodies. Coincidentally, when these are viewed as letters they spell "PLoS". (See Huh, et al.)

Image Credit: Cover image provided by Jun R. Huh, California Institute of Technology. Additional photo manipulation by John Heisch, John Heisch Design


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Barbara Cohen


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Milena Holmgren, Stefan A Schnitzer


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Research Articles

Multiple Apoptotic Caspase Cascades Are Required in Nonapoptotic Roles for Drosophila Spermatid Individualization

Jun R Huh, Stephanie Y Vernooy, Hong Yu, Nieng Yan, Yigong Shi, Ming Guo, Bruce A Hay

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Dorsoventral Patterning of the Mouse Coat by Tbx15

Sophie I Candille, Catherine D. Van Raamsdonk, Changyou Chen, Sanne Kuijper, Yanru Chen-Tsai, Andreas Russ, Frits Meijlink, Gregory S Barsh

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HIV-1 Nef Binds the DOCK2–ELMO1 Complex to Activate Rac and Inhibit Lymphocyte Chemotaxis

Ajit Janardhan, Tomek Swigut, Brian Hill, Michael P Myers, Jacek Skowronski

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Protein Interaction Networks by Proteome Peptide Scanning

Christiane Landgraf, Simona Panni, Luisa Montecchi-Palazzi, Luisa Castagnoli, Jens Schneider-Mergener, Rudolf Volkmer-Engert, Gianni Cesareni

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Long-Lasting Novelty-Induced Neuronal Reverberation during Slow-Wave Sleep in Multiple Forebrain Areas

Sidarta Ribeiro, Damien Gervasoni, Ernesto S Soares, Yi Zhou, Shih-Chieh Lin, Janaina Pantoja, Michael Lavine, Miguel A. L Nicolelis

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Looking from the Past to the Future

Frederick J Friend