Table of Contents: December 2003

The cover depicts the structure of the newly-discovered, water-selective aquaporin AqpZ. Five water molecules are seen in the channel defining the conductance pathway. The painting represents a merging of science and mythology in which AqpZ traverses a membrane "sea" between the cytoplasmic underworld and an approaching rainstorm. (See Savage, et al.)

Image Credit: Painting by Julie Newdoll, Ribbons created with PyMOL software


A Changing Landscape

Helen Doyle, Andy Gass, Debra Lappin


The Virus That Changed My World

Lisa Fong Poh Ng


Economy of the Mind

Kendall Powell

Human Epigenome Project—Up and Running

Jane Bradbury

Unsolved Mystery

How Are the Sizes of Cells, Organs, and Bodies Controlled?

Ernst Hafen, Hugo Stocker

Journal Club

A Wingless Flight

Xiang Yu

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Research Articles

Linkage of Osteoporosis to Chromosome 20p12 and Association to BMP2

Unnur Styrkarsdottir, Jean-Baptiste Cazier, Augustine Kong, Ottar Rolfsson, Helene Larsen, Emma Bjarnadottir, Vala D Johannsdottir, Margret S Sigurdardottir, Yu Bagger, Claus Christiansen, Inga Reynisdottir, Struan F. A Grant, Kristjan Jonasson, Michael L Frigge, Jeffrey R Gulcher, Gunnar Sigurdsson, Kari Stefansson

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  1. Chromosome Locus and Candidate Gene for Osteoporosis Identified

GAD2 on Chromosome 10p12 Is a Candidate Gene for Human Obesity

Philippe Boutin, Christian Dina, Francis Vasseur, Séverine Dubois, Laetitia Corset, Karin Séron, Lynn Bekris, Janice Cabellon, Bernadette Neve, Valérie Vasseur-Delannoy, Mohamed Chikri, M. Aline Charles, Karine Clement, Ake Lernmark, Philippe Froguel

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  1. GAD2 Identified as Candidate Gene for Obesity

Tre1, a G Protein-Coupled Receptor, Directs Transepithelial Migration of Drosophila Germ Cells

Prabhat S Kunwar, Michelle Starz-Gaiano, Roland J Bainton, Ulrike Heberlein, Ruth Lehmann

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  1. Novel Receptor Guides Germ Cell Transepithelial Migration in Drosophila

Pten Dose Dictates Cancer Progression in the Prostate

Lloyd C Trotman, Masaru Niki, Zohar A Dotan, Jason A Koutcher, Antonio Di Cristofano, Andrew Xiao, Alan S Khoo, Pradip Roy-Burman, Norman M Greenberg, Terry Van Dyke, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, Pier Paolo Pandolfi

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  1. Dose of PTEN Gene Drives Progression of Prostate Cancer

Identification of Drosophila MicroRNA Targets

Alexander Stark, Julius Brennecke, Robert B Russell, Stephen M Cohen

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  1. New Screen Identifies Elusive MicroRNA Targets

Transcriptome Analysis of Mouse Stem Cells and Early Embryos

Alexei A Sharov, Yulan Piao, Ryo Matoba, Dawood B Dudekula, Yong Qian, Vincent VanBuren, Geppino Falco, Patrick R Martin, Carole A Stagg, Uwem C Bassey, Yuxia Wang, Mark G Carter, Toshio Hamatani, Kazuhiro Aiba, Hidenori Akutsu, Lioudmila Sharova, Tetsuya S Tanaka, Wendy L Kimber, Toshiyuki Yoshikawa, Saied A Jaradat, Serafino Pantano, Ramaiah Nagaraja, Kenneth R Boheler, Dennis Taub, Richard J Hodes, Dan L Longo, David Schlessinger, Jonathan Keller, Emily Klotz, Garnett Kelsoe, Akihiro Umezawa, Angelo L Vescovi, Janet Rossant, Tilo Kunath, Brigid L. M Hogan, Anna Curci, Michele D'Urso, Janet Kelso, Winston Hide, Minoru S. H Ko

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  1. Gene Expression Profile Created for Mouse Stem Cells and Developing Embryo

Inhibition of HIF2α Is Sufficient to Suppress pVHL-Defective Tumor Growth

Keiichi Kondo, William Y Kim, Mirna Lechpammer, William G Kaelin Jr

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  1. Inhibition of HIF2α Protein Suppresses pVHL-Driven Tumor Growth

Book Review%2FScience in the Media

Rose-Tinted Ecology

Thomas Brooks