Table of Contents: November 2003

A high quality sequence of the Caenorhabditis briggsae genome is now in hand. Comparisons with the C. elegans genome sequence provide valuable insights into the processes that have shaped the evolution of these organisms, which diverged 80-110 million years ago. The new sequence also gives C. elegans biologists a powerful new tool to refine their knowledge of gene identity and function in C. elegans. (See Stein, et al.)

Image Credit: Photo provided by David H. A. Fitch, New York University. Additional photo manipulation by John Heisch, John Heisch Design


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Army Ants Trapped by Their Evolutionary History

Frédéric Delsuc

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Biodiversity Conservation Demands Open Access

Gustavo Fonseca, Philippa J Benson

Research Articles

The Genome Sequence of Caenorhabditis briggsae: A Platform for Comparative Genomics

Lincoln D Stein, Zhirong Bao, Darin Blasiar, Thomas Blumenthal, Michael R Brent, Nansheng Chen, Asif Chinwalla, Laura Clarke, Chris Clee, Avril Coghlan, Alan Coulson, Peter D'Eustachio, David H. A Fitch, Lucinda A Fulton, Robert E Fulton, Sam Griffiths-Jones, Todd W Harris, LaDeana W Hillier, Ravi Kamath, Patricia E Kuwabara, Elaine R Mardis, Marco A Marra, Tracie L Miner, Patrick Minx, James C Mullikin, Robert W Plumb, Jane Rogers, Jacqueline E Schein, Marc Sohrmann, John Spieth, Jason E Stajich, Chaochun Wei, David Willey, Richard K Wilson, Richard Durbin, Robert H Waterston

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Learning to Control a Brain–Machine Interface for Reaching and Grasping by Primates

Jose M Carmena, Mikhail A Lebedev, Roy E Crist, Joseph E O'Doherty, David M Santucci, Dragan F Dimitrov, Parag G Patil, Craig S Henriquez, Miguel A. L Nicolelis

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  2. Retraining the Brain to Recover Movement

Embryonic Origins of a Motor System: Motor Dendrites Form a Myotopic Map in Drosophila

Matthias Landgraf, Victoria Jeffrey, Miki Fujioka, James B Jaynes, Michael Bate

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Viral Discovery and Sequence Recovery Using DNA Microarrays

David Wang, Anatoly Urisman, Yu-Tsueng Liu, Michael Springer, Thomas G Ksiazek, Dean D Erdman, Elaine R Mardis, Matthew Hickenbotham, Vincent Magrini, James Eldred, J. Phillipe Latreille, Richard K Wilson, Don Ganem, Joseph L DeRisi

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T Cell Receptor-Independent Basal Signaling via Erk and Abl Kinases Suppresses RAG Gene Expression

Jeroen P Roose, Maximilian Diehn, Michael G Tomlinson, Joseph Lin, Ash A Alizadeh, David Botstein, Patrick O Brown, Arthur Weiss

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Book Review%2FScience in the Media

A Field Trip to the Mesozoic

Luis M Chiappe