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Fundamental properties of the mammalian innate immune system revealed by multispecies comparison of type I interferon responses

Fig 2

Basal transcription levels and IFN-induced expression of genes related to PAMP sensing and IFN induction and response.

Boxplots showing differential expression (log2FC) in response to IFN and basal transcription levels (expressed as FPKM) of genes associated with pattern recognition (sensors), downstream signal transduction (adapters), and transcription factors related to either IFN induction or response (transcription factors). Every ortholog for each gene is indicated with a dot coloured according to their presence in the DNA-, RNA-, or both DNA- and RNA-sensing pathways (S1 Data). FPKM, fragments per kilobase mapped values; IFN, interferon; log2FC, log2 fold change; PAMP, pathogen-associated molecular pattern.

Fig 2