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Lef1-dependent hypothalamic neurogenesis inhibits anxiety

Fig 6

Loss of Drosophila corticotropin-releasing hormone binding protein (crhbp) expression in pangolin (pan) mutants.

(A-E) Whole mount in situ hybridization for the lef1 ortholog pan (A) and crhbp (C and D), and immunostaining for the pars lateralis (PL) marker FasII [32] (B and E) were performed in Drosophila wild-type (wt) embryos (A-C) and offspring from a pan+/- incross (D and E). Percentage of embryos with representative phenotype is displayed in (D) (n = 142) and (E) (n = 25). Confocal z-projections are shown in (B) and (E). All are representative images for at least 3 embryos. Left images in (A) and (C) are lateral views with dorsal side on top, and the other images are dorsal views. All images have anterior side on the left. Red and yellow arrows indicate the PL and pars intercerebralis (PI), respectively. Scale bars: 150 μm.

Fig 6