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Stochastic assembly produces heterogeneous communities in the Caenorhabditis elegans intestine

Fig 1

Stochastic colonization produces bimodal community composition in the C. elegans intestine.

(A) Illustration of experimental procedure. Briefly, synchronized adult worms with germ-free intestines were fed for 8 d on a 50/50 mixture of live E. coli (106 CFU/mL in liquid culture) labeled with dsRed or YFP, then individual worms were isolated and disrupted to obtain intestinal contents. (B) After 8 d of colonization, we observed a bimodal distribution in bacterial community composition (pooled data from three independent experiments, n = 56; see S1 Data). (C) Bimodal community composition can be seen in fluorescence microscopy (three-channel overlaid image).

Fig 1