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Phylosymbiosis: Relationships and Functional Effects of Microbial Communities across Host Evolutionary History

Fig 3

Intraspecific versus interspecific microbial community variation within and between host clades.

(A) Box-and-whisker plot of intraspecific and interspecific Bray–Curtis distances between samples for each clade. Boxes represent the 25th to 75th quartiles, with the central line depicting the group median and whiskers showing the 1.5 interquartile extent. (B) PCoA of Bray–Curtis distances with first three most distinguishing dimensions shown. Colors represent different species and correspond to the colors in Fig 4. (C) Regression analysis measuring the correlation between the evolutionary age of host clade divergence on a log scale and the ANOSIM R-values of intraspecific microbiota distinguishability from part B for each host clade. Data available at [26] in folders (A) Fig_3A_&_S1, (B) Fig_3B, (C) Fig_3C.

Fig 3