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Supporting Diversity in Science through Social Networking

Figure 1

CienciaPR website use and member characteristics.

(A) Number of members who have registered with CienciaPR since 2006. (B) Average yearly visits to, from October 2008–September 2012, based on Webalizer data. CienciaPR switched to GoogleAnalytics after September 2012. (C) Map representation of CienciaPR members' geographic dispersion (portion of map is cropped for display purposes). CienciaPR members are in 48 countries, 47 states (not including the territory of Puerto Rico), and over 185 universities in the US. Map made with Tableau Public (D–F) Distribution of members based on (D) work sector, (E) training stage, and (F) broad scientific discipline of interest. Not all members indicated this information on their profiles. Percentages are based on total number of respondents (n). Data as of September 8, 2013. (G–I) Recent CienciaPR website activity from June 1, 2013–August 31, 2013 based on Google Analytics for (G) website visits by geographic region, (H) website visits by source, and (I) page views by website section. Percentages are based on (n), total number of visits (G,H) or pageviews (I).

Figure 1