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The Interaction between a Sexually Transferred Steroid Hormone and a Female Protein Regulates Oogenesis in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Figure 2

MISO silencing alters the expression of the lipid transporter Lipophorin in developing oocytes after blood feeding.

(A and B) Immunofluorescence experiments on ovaries dissected from virgin and mated dsLacZ and mated dsMISO females stained with the lipid-binding reagent Nile-Red (red) at 24 h (A) and 60 h (B) post-blood-feeding. Asterisks in dsMISO and dsLacZ virgin ovaries indicate undeveloped primary follicles. Cell nuclei are labeled with DAPI (blue). Scale bar: 200 µm. (C) qRT-PCR of Lp and Vg from the fat body of virgin and mated dsLacZ and mated dsMISO females 24 h after blood feeding (BF). Expression levels (shown in logarithmic scale) were normalized to the housekeeping gene RpL19. The box-and-whisker diagrams represent five replicates of pools of 6–10 tissues.

Figure 2