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MYRF Is a Membrane-Associated Transcription Factor That Autoproteolytically Cleaves to Directly Activate Myelin Genes

Figure 6

De novo identification of consensus sequences from MYRF peaks.

(A) De novo sequence analysis using MEME from 80 peaks identified within 100 kb of oligodendrocyte-enriched genes identifies the sequence CTGGYAC, where Y = C or T. In separate analyses, essentially the same motif was identified using the 100 bp sequences surrounding the 500 strongest peaks using MEME (B) or 500 bp sequences of all 2,085 peaks using DREME (C). The second strongest motif identified in the DREME analysis from (C) was ACAA(A/T)G (D), a strong match for the known consensus sequence for Sox10. (E) Central enrichment analysis of the CTGGYAC and ANAA(A/T)G (Sox10) motifs in the 2,085 500 bp input sequences.

Figure 6