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MYRF Is a Membrane-Associated Transcription Factor That Autoproteolytically Cleaves to Directly Activate Myelin Genes

Figure 4

Examples of MYRF peaks proximal to oligodendrocyte-enriched genes.

Signal track shows MYRF occupancy for the Cntn2, Trf, Mag, Mbp, and Plp1 genes. Statistically significant peaks/active regions (green boxes) were identified in regions corresponding to conserved intronic regions (Cntn2), promoter regions (Trf and Mag), and upstream conserved regions (Mbp and Plp1). Inserts to the right show the Myc-MYRF signal and untagged MYRF control signal for each of the peaks/active regions identified. Note high background signal within the Plp1 and Mbp genes (see text for further details).

Figure 4